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wind and solar farms
4 August 2015, 07:35,
RE: wind and solar farms
Dream on MB, solar farms around here are on small working hill farms, very much a "one man band" set up or maybe a father and son working but thats it, no huge group set up, low population, either now or after SHTF.
7 August 2015, 15:22,
RE: wind and solar farms
A local grid-tie wind farm or solar system will needs a lot of work before if could be used in isolation after a grid down event.
Most of these systems need the grid to get their reference Voltage and Frequency from and to do reactice load control for them.

It is unlikely that the locals will be able to adapt them to provide local 'utility' power.
Doctor Prepper: What's the worst that could happen?
7 August 2015, 15:33,
RE: wind and solar farms
have just come past a new in progress wind farm site, just doing ground works at the moment, 9 huge wind turbines will be built talking to the security guard, the road alongside has been closed and will be closed for 6 months until they bring in the turbines themselves, according to the security guard the road may never ever open again, something to be aware of if anyone comes upon a new wind turbine site in their own area.
7 August 2015, 18:52,
RE: wind and solar farms
It never ceases to amaze me how you fellows think that there is no one that knows how to accomplish anything that YOU do not know how to do.
8 August 2015, 07:52,
RE: wind and solar farms
don't beat about the bush MB, say what you mean!Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
9 August 2015, 07:56,
RE: wind and solar farms
Problem is to run I windfarm you need a reliable power supply coming in to the farm to control them. It's a misconception that they will just work when the wind blows. They need constant monitoring and servicing.

Another major issue is that if we lost power for a reasonable amount of time say a month the turbines would be damaged anyway. When power is lost they switch themselves off, going into a safety mode if you will. If left like like for long periods the bearings get damaged because of the weights and pressures involved.

Your best bet is forgetting about larger turbines and focusing on much smaller models that can be worked on with relative ease.
9 August 2015, 08:03,
RE: wind and solar farms
i'm more interested in monitoring road closures and anything else that might hamper movement post event .

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