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17 August 2015, 16:56,
RE: Alone
(17 August 2015, 16:47)Mortblanc Wrote: The first season has nearly completed over here. I will refrain from telling you the final results.

It has been great fun watching the contestants fall out like flies, cry their eyes out from homesickness, crap their pants from fear when a bear appears and generally turn into mush.

The ten co0ntestants were picked from among the writers of internet survival blogs and the moderators of survival and bushcraft forums on the internet. Leaders of the genre, outdoorsmen of merit, masters of the wilderness and teachers of other folk who were stupid enough to listen.

Most of them folded like an origami stork!

Folks like are here, sure they can "bug out" and live rough for a few weeks if they have too.

if you have such a low opinion of us here on SUK, why do you stay MB? could it be that after all your high and mighty talk you are nothing but a troll?
17 August 2015, 19:22,
RE: Alone
Like they great Cody lundin ,survival sucks the food is shit and the water is bad ,you roast in the sun and freeze at night and you are on your own
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!

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