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"Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
28 September 2015, 07:57,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
@SS -- Ah well - thats put an end to that conversation. Whats next?
28 September 2015, 08:39,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
wife and I agree, we think the doctor simply gave up and wanted to be caught.
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.
28 September 2015, 08:54,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
He gave up
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
28 September 2015, 21:12, (This post was last modified: 28 September 2015, 21:12 by River Song.)
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
Im not sure he gave up. He made two bad choices in a row.
Firstly he was going to walk over the hills to a local train station
but he accepted a lift in a known car to Glasgow. Secondly he thought about getting off the train at Milton Keynes but couldnt be arsed. That was his final downfall
4 October 2015, 11:56,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
One of the fugitives on episode 4 described himself and his father as a prepper. However they had obviously never practised bugging out as he was struggling to carry 3 poorly packed rucksacks and had to dump quite a lot of it.

My take away points so far:
- Have large amounts of cash on hand
- Trim down use of electronics, be aware of the trail you leave online, be prepared to destroy electronics (computers and phones) quickly if you have to leave, definitely don't take them with you.
- Suck it up emotionally. If you can't cope with not talking to love ones for one month you have no chance.
- Wild camping and general ray mears living for 28 days in a discreet way looks like the best option to be honest.
Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field, Until there is no more room, So that you have to live alone in the midst of the land!
Isaiah 5:8
4 October 2015, 20:16,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
Held my attention for about 10 minutes then ...! Must be a bit difficult trailing a camaraman around with you.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
5 October 2015, 11:45,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
you have to remember first off its not a drama programme its "entertainment".
secondly, forget about the headless plebs running about flagging down lifts, ringing home and using ATM's, what would you do in the same circumstances? me, i'd go about a maximum of 10 miles from home to a place I know and lay low for a month, no phones, no internet, no cash or credit cards, just me keeping my head down and not drawing attention.
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.
7 October 2015, 10:35,
RE: "Hunted" - Starts Channel 4 Thursday
What I've taken away from this was something I thought was fairly obvious. Don't drive a vehicle as sooner or later it'll get sussed out. Also, stay away from any sort of modern communication.

If it were me I think I'd withdraw as much cash asap from the nearest cashpoint & then not use it again. Then like BP, I'd stick to somewhere local & just wait it out. It's not going to be comfortable, but at the end of the day you're on the run & know you're actively being looked for. If you really must communicate with your family & you've stayed local, I would use a pair of walki-talkies at a pre-arranged time. However if anything is going to give you away, it'll be this. For transport, pedal bikes all the way.

I think the 2 guys who escaped via canal footpaths on bikes have the best chance. But they need to stop ringing/communicating with home or they may aswell give up now.

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