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The ultimate winter Parka
11 November 2015, 09:12,
The ultimate winter Parka

2 May 2016, 08:58,
RE: The ultimate winter Parka
very nice parka
2 May 2016, 09:49,
RE: The ultimate winter Parka
I slipped up and bought myself a Dare2Be Skiiing Parka it to bloody warm for use except in the absolute worst of weather, anything above minus 3 / 4 and its too warm to wear, so now I'm back to fleeces under soft shells

8 July 2016, 15:24,
RE: The ultimate winter Parka
Another post for new members who perhaps don't have a lot of outdoor experience:

Very good jackets, not a lot of dosh and perfect for UK winters when combined with a waterproof outer. If your wearing under layers (as you should), combine these jackets with the matching trousers and a Goretex bivvy bag and your good for at least three season UK use, maybe four season.

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