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EDC footwear reccomendation please
17 November 2015, 12:20,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
I remember paying 10 or 12 quid a pair newly re soled and laced once upon a time £40+ now for the same refurbished boots.....they seem heavy now in comparison to what else is available today.
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17 November 2015, 13:34,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
A new pair cost me £84 mate, but they are the dogs bollocks. They are lined and have the cushioned insoles built in. They also have the expansion slot and all in all are superb. You are right about the weight, but they are built to last and made out of heavy top grade leather, current spec.
19 January 2016, 15:55,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
I have many pairs of heavy boots, Doc Martens, Cat boots and the like, these are too heavy for me for everyday use, I not only have to walk in them but I also have to be able to drive in them and the heavy boots are too "lumpy" for this, I end up revving the engine too much in these boots.
so for everyday wear I have "hiking, walking, trainer boots" usually around £20 a piece new, some under £20 some over, the ones I ordered today were £26.99 on Ebay.
these last me for awhile but because I have a permanent limp-due to an old motorcycle injury- I tend to wear these out on a regular basis.
they are cheap so this isn't really a problem, I have enough of a stock of these to last me 18 months or so.
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19 January 2016, 18:09,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
Vibram soled walking boots most of the time.

I've never owned steelies, but can see the advantage. So long as they are comfortable for long hikes.

But sometimes I cannot get away from normal business type shoes, in which case I go with the stoutest pair viable in any situation. General rule of thumb is that I need to be able to either make it back to the car in them ( where boots are kept), or that they are good on their own for 20 miles.
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8 April 2017, 10:55,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
(16 November 2015, 01:43)Devonian Wrote: Normally Merrell Gore Tex walking shoes, otherwise a pair of Merrell brown leather walking boots.

Both are very civilian/grey man in appearance, and the gore tex waterproofing is essential, I won't wear any shoes that are not waterproof.

My EDC shoe needs to be tough enough for a long hike home in semi-urban terrain assuming vehicle travel is unavailable, so for EDC I favour walking shoes too (such as the Merrells) which are light and give me agility for both urban and non-urban terrain. I keep a pair in my car GHB so I can switch out of my Oxfords if I'm at work. However, I'm not a fan of Gore Tex for such shoes as I prefer breathability assuming I might have to walk for a long time. Merrell's Mobab Ventilator suits me for this.

Your situation may be different from mine though so a different shoe might be best. If I lived in Manchester I might go for a more waterproof shoe as there's more rain Smile
8 April 2017, 23:34,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
My EDC footwear are Rocky Alpha Force Composite Toe 6" duty boots

When I was working I was issued a new pair each year, and I was able to buy a second pair for the local government contract cost, about $70, so I accumulated several extra pairs to alternate wearing and hoarded three new pairs in the box for when I retired. I am still wearing them.

I replaced the cheap foam insoles which came in them with SuperFeet Green High Volume Performance insoles, which make a BIG difference.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
9 April 2017, 03:24,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
As the only honest retired pensioner here I will not give the impression that at nearly 70 I am going into combat or hiking the mountain trails daily.

I spend 90% of my day in these and spend the other 10% wishing I were back in them.
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9 April 2017, 03:25,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
I do insist on the Real Tree Camo pattern when they are available.
Don't believe anything until it has been officially denied.
9 April 2017, 17:10,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
+1 vote for Crocs, I've all types of footwear but Crocs I wear the majority of the time even when out camping in the woods.
10 April 2017, 11:43,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
Another vote for crocs , brilliant camp footwear for that late night shovel patrol, still have flip flops/thongs to our colonials for hiking as they pack smaller
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!

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