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EDC footwear reccomendation please
10 April 2017, 15:33,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
In rocky, mountainous terrain in which I live, I require footwear having better ankle support and footbed protection.

The Crocs are fine in the city, suburbs and rural lowlands, and for camp lounging, but not for wandering in the mountains or along bad gravel roads with potholes large enough to hide a housecat.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
10 April 2017, 18:07,
RE: EDC footwear reccomendation please
Somewhere around year 65, after three back surgeries, two heart attacks and realization that my feet were trashed I planted the flag in one spot and stopped the hill climbing, boulder jumping and creek splashing for more sedate camp activities.

The crocks work well for most of that, as do the wooden clogs I use for reenactment camps and the elk hide moccasins I use for the same activity. If I get into a situation that requires real foot wear there are shoes around somewhere.

At this point in life my greatest excitement is the middle of the night run to the latrine and the occasional trip to collect a bucket of water. That is only exceeded by intrusion into camp of wildlife in one form or another, usually skunks or possums and the occasional raccoon but sometimes, if in the right location, a black bear too lazy to forage for himself and coming to camp as a beggar.

I now go to camp to rest and avoid challenge.

All those bushcraft/shtf skills everyone wants to learn are accomplished in the past tense. I have lived out of the back pack for months on end, I have been hunted like an animal and I have hunted others and all of that life and death struggle was done in government issue combat boots that cost $10 a pair because that was all that was available and I wore out a pair each month.

I am not capable of doing that again, and thank God I have never had to do it inside the boundaries of my native land. I am very sure I will never need to purchase another pair of $150 boots as recreational equipment to hold my ankles together and keep my legs from falling off.

Camping in Crocks is better.

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