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NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
20 November 2015, 17:52,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
(20 November 2015, 16:43)River Song Wrote: Ooooooo The thought of it makes me go all sweaty

I'm not entirely sure what to say to that... Tongue
PLEASE NOTE: The post above contains no truths. It's all bullshit scavenged from the darkest corners of a lunatic mind. Dribble dribble dribble. Woof woof woof.
20 November 2015, 18:00,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
This you gotta see - Andrew Neil
20 November 2015, 18:13, (This post was last modified: 20 November 2015, 18:13 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Good innit, the BBC will prolly sack him for that and no doubt the Guardianistas will be furious.

27 dead in Mali attack Sad

20 November 2015, 18:15,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Yes, everyone's on the bandwagon now. Stern words aren't much help though are they? Anyone with any modicum of intelligence realises that IS are retarded fanatical dildos. But it's time for action, not words. I takes a travesty such as Paris for people to speak out. Bit too late isn't it.

Now they've angered the Bear I don't see them being very effective. But then for every Islamist Scumbag that Russia/France/whoever kill, 2 more are converted. There's one solution really, but it's far to honest and politically incorrect to mention, so I'll keep it to meself lest I offend some of our more sensitive PC members.
PLEASE NOTE: The post above contains no truths. It's all bullshit scavenged from the darkest corners of a lunatic mind. Dribble dribble dribble. Woof woof woof.
20 November 2015, 18:22,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
A Russian deputy speaker says Russian cruise missiles will rain down on all hotbed of Islamic extremism................That's much of west Yorks London and Leicester screwed plus Marseilles and San Denise.

20 November 2015, 18:23,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
at least it is making the EU think about border security, THINK mind you not actually do anything.
20 November 2015, 19:29, (This post was last modified: 20 November 2015, 19:31 by Steve.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Apparently Moslem terrorists kill more Moslems than non-Moslems. Moslems are not the problem, terrorists are the problem.

I don't remember people referring to Christianity as the "religion of peace" when Protestants and Catholics were killing each other over the last thousand years, or when the biggest ethnic massacre of modern times was carried out by Christians in Bosnia.

lest we forget:

"It was almost like a game, a cat-and-mouse hunt. But of course we greatly outnumbered the Muslims, so in almost all cases, we were the hunters and they were the prey. We needed them to surrender, but how do you get someone to surrender in a war like this? You starve them to death. So very quickly we realised that it wasn't really weapons being smuggled into Srebrenica that we should worry about, but food. They were truly starving in there, so they would send people out to steal cattle or gather crops, and our job was to find and kill them... No prisoners. Well, yes, if we thought they had useful information, we might keep them alive until we got it out of them, but in the end, no prisoners. The local people became quite indignant, so sometimes we would keep someone alive to hand over to them [to kill] just to keep them happy."

Serbian Soldier

I should, of course have written 500 years, as Protestant Christianity was invented relatively recently.
20 November 2015, 19:48,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
vote dalek
Survive the jive (youtube )
20 November 2015, 20:06, (This post was last modified: 20 November 2015, 20:17 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Muslims killing Muslims in Muslim lands is Muslim business not ours.
Muslim killing Christians, Jews, Sikhs, buddists, hindus in OUR land is our business.
Muslims in the Former Jugoslavia are the remnants of Islamic colonists who invaded Europe many years ago, as they did with Spain Indeed Muslim efforts invade Europe go back over a 1000 years and include the story of Vlad the Impailor and El Cid. both of whom made their names trying to stop the Islamification of Europe by Muslims.

The SERBS hate the Bosnian Muslims for TWO reasons ( though neither justify genocide as it makes us as bad as them) 1 the historical invasion of moors / ottomans ong ago. 2 The Bosnian Muslims sided with Nazi Germany against the Serbs in WW2 Muslim atrocities aided by the Nazis is well documented. Note also the Nazi German SS division Handschar recruited for Bosnian Muslim, Turk and other Muslim states. ( huge numbers of Muslims in Asia also sided with the Japanese against the west in WW2)

The protestants and catholics generally stopped trying to exterminate each other hundreds of years ago, and even in Ulster much of the perceived religious conflict was more to do with Republican V Monarchist irish, IE Irish Killing Irish and most importantly numbers only a few dozen combatants.

ISIL alone has 50,000 combat troops in Syria / Iraq with Al Quaeda, Boko Harum and the other assorted Muslim factions numbers in the HUNDREDS of Thousands, plus countless sympathisers and financiers like the Wahabi Saudis.

You say MUSLIMS are not the problem, try telling that to all the victims of Muslim jihad no matter how misguided or immoral the attacks are STILL Muslims trying to exterminate anyone who is NOT Muslim.

Soooooooooooooooooooo lets be fair and take this slightly further and explore Steves very valid ( and respected) comments.

IF, lets just say IF we go to look for the source of these 'Terrorists' and what motivates these ' terrorists' Do we go looking for South America , Australia, China, Iceland, Bermuda, etc NO we look in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi, Ethopia, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya etc ALL MUSLIM STATES.

and what motivates these 'terrorists', Christianity? Mormonism, Buddism, Sikhism, Republicanism, Maoism, Socialism No its Sunni Islam Shia Islam, Wahabi Islam.

I DO genuinely respect your viewpoint but I do honestly disagree, it is NOT terrorism it is the global sphere of Islam simply doing what its followers are taught from birth to do, EXPAND ISLAM across the world, The killers are MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

please don't take this as a personal attack Steve this is just two adults with genuinely held opposing views.

20 November 2015, 20:23, (This post was last modified: 20 November 2015, 20:26 by River Song.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Let me add something to NR's trenchant post.

Hindus don't generally go around to other lands killing tens or hundreds of people.
Sikhs -------------- ditto ------------
Jane's ---------------- ditto ------------
Buddhists --------------- ditto ------------
Jews ----------------- ditto ---------------
Christians ----------------ditto -----------------
It's always Moslems

A point about so-called Christian violence. Ulster was more about gangsters and nationalism than about religion although it should be noted the number of Catholic priests who aided and abetted.

Similarly the dreadful situation in Bosnia. Yes this was about Orthodoxy v Islam but more about Slobodan Milosevic's dream of a greater Serbia - a new kind of ethno facism - national socialist which we in the West stopped. The Moslems there have still not said "thank you". (And by the way, far from Tony Blair being a poodle of the Americans, it was Tony Blair that dragged the US into Serbia when George W Bush was an unknown governor in Texas)

Finally I make no apologies for the Crusades. When Islam had swarmed across North Africa wiping out every Christian community from its birthplaces and then up through Spain and westwards to the gates of Vienna, we finally managed to stop them.

Islam is the most poisonous and pernicious religion on the planet. The sooner we have another crusade the better.

Please forgive me if I've held back in any way

I posted mine before NR posted his second half

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