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NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
21 November 2015, 02:53, (This post was last modified: 21 November 2015, 03:11 by Tartar Horde.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
(20 November 2015, 21:39)River Song Wrote: NR in your substantive post #22 you said that all faiths have screwed up and you're right to some extent.

However all of your examples are inter religious violence WITHIN the said country. None of them tend to go for wholesale EXPORT of terrorism.

You may be right about the crusades. But I dont apologise for the crusades. And still remember that we stopped them in spain and at the gates of Vienna (Just!)

It needs to be done again

The Crusades that much beloved excuse of the revisionist historian, was a response to hundreds of years of Muslim aggression.
Egypt----was Christian
Syria-----was Christian
Turkey---was Christian
and many more countries were overun by the throat slitting hordes before pope urban called for the first crusade, all in response to desperate pleas from-----Christians
I could name and date all the battles that led up to Pope Urbans decision but that would take pages of text, something the apologists forget. This is nothing but a continuation of JIHAD--as instructed by the Koran and the Hadith. People should really read the Muslim texts and then maybe they will finally realise why there will never be an end to this conflict.
Bring on the Crusade---In hoc signo vinces--deus Vult.

This video shows how Islam destroyed the classical world, not one fact is made up or shown for sensational reasons, just the truth. All the battles are recorded and can be verified if you so wish. I recommend people watch this presentation to understand the true nature of this cult.
21 November 2015, 09:57,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Ok I think we have established good guys from bad guys, and started to get grasp on how they target westerners and western interests, Soooooooooo how are we as preppers going to react because not only do with have to recognise the threat from the EXTREMISTS, but we must understand the authorities are going to implement and expand greater security measures. THAT gentlemen could see more checkpoints and cops rummaging through your bags and cars and patting you down with metal scanners??.

I'm not trying to diss the forum but we can talk for ever about the assorted bad guys and how we hate them, when we can do almost nothing to affect them, BUT we can plan and talk about reducing the risk to our families.

Sensible precautions ?

Shop online rather than hit the malls for crimbo etc

21 November 2015, 12:00,
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
Just ordered the turkey
21 November 2015, 12:17, (This post was last modified: 21 November 2015, 12:18 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: NEW terror attack in hotel in MALI
I'm just so pleased we put getting out of the town as our main priority, it may have left us utterly skint but its definitely safer, less stressful, better for the kids, easier to get about (if you have wheels of course), My wifes commute is not bad really, she says she just listens to her music on the 12 mile drive home. Two of my friends from Robs area who are NOT preppers have reached that conclusion for themselves and one is moving to Hexham from Boldon Colliery, the other is going up to Amble from Wickham, they are willing to trade convenience for commutes mainly for the wellbeing of their children, I KNOW one of the wives is going to really struggle because she is a towney to the core , but if they make the effort they will soon adapt and begin to enjoy the positives of being distant to the large conurbations.

River, be careful Cameron doesn't send you a few Iraqis and Syrians to go with the Turk male escort you orderedSmile


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