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Food Grade Buckets - NW
27 March 2016, 13:29,
Food Grade Buckets - NW

Can anyone point me in the right direction, to obtain, for free (if possible!), food grade buckets. Looking to store Mylar bagged food within the buckets.

I'm located in the NW and regularly travel around the Preston / Salford areas.

27 March 2016, 13:58,
RE: Food Grade Buckets - NW
eBay pal ,you can get used ones cheap.
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
27 March 2016, 14:08,
RE: Food Grade Buckets - NW
resealable food grade containers can often be sourced from places like Fast Food diners MCDs, Burger King etc even your local chinese or asian take away they will have held stuff like Mayonaisse, Ketchup, Sauces etc, sometimes rice. oddly enough the last ones I blagged came from the local secondary school and hospital canteens.
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27 March 2016, 18:03,
RE: Food Grade Buckets - NW
Swimming in at your local one ( if you have one ) they have great plastic containers with screw on tops, if you are packing in Mylar these will be fine ...a good tip is take a bag of tea bags offer them as a partex , you will get plenty, at least i did !
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27 March 2016, 20:03,
RE: Food Grade Buckets - NW
Make friends with someone in the pub trade. Most pubs now serve food and items like mayo, oil, etc come in big tubs that get thrown out. Offer to take them and you can pick them up regularly. I also have a friend who runs a launderette and he gets lots of washing powder in tubs that I use for non foodstuff storage.

There is a place in Warrington that sells boxes and containers on eBay. I've bought a few boxes for them for more robust storage.
Skean Dhude
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29 March 2016, 11:17,
RE: Food Grade Buckets - NW
Cheers, that's the sort of info. i needed and any spare ones ones, that I may have, i know where to offer!

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