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New Knife recomendations
12 July 2016, 17:05,
RE: New Knife recomendations
I've got a few knives, fixed blades, non fixed. For EDC (read Every Day Camping) something from the Mora range does the job well. Stainless steel is harder to get a razor edge but will hold its edge longer than the 'softer' Carbon blades. I was given as a birthday present a Fallkniven F1 by a couple of norwegian friends and its lovely but too nice to use so its in a drawer and I look at it from time to time Sad

I've a couple of locking Buck Knifes which are solid but technically an illegal carry on UK streets, fine at camp. Favourite folder without doubt is one of the several Opinel knives I own. Some have a locking collar so technically an illegal carry but the locking ring is easy to remove (and put back) making it legal. All mine are Carbon blades but sharpen right and you can shave with them.
9 November 2016, 22:38,
RE: New Knife recomendations
I've been edc'ing a Douk Douk Petite Folder for the last two months as a work blade and a Buck Solitaire as my weekend carry.The Douk Douk is extremely slim with a strong spring.It holds a very fine edge but does require more frequent sharpening.It takes a lovely patina with use though.And a few strokes of a steel brings the edge straight back to hair shaving sharp.

The Solitaire I class more of a gentleman's folder. It also takes a very sharp edge but doesn't slice as well as the Douk Douk,it's a better whittler though.I've retired my two dot Buck 110 from my work carry but that knife if it was edc legal would be my go to daily carry.Paul Boss knew how to heat treat 440c . I love carbon steel but that 110 takes a scarily sharp edge, and holds it.

I also edc a Leatherman Rebar and highly rate them.I shunned multi tools for a long time but it has proven itself as a superb investment.
10 November 2016, 06:17,
RE: New Knife recomendations
I do not use multi-tool as carry items. They are tools I keep scattered all over the place for quick access. I have one on the reading light table by my recliner, one or two in each vehicle, several scattered about in FAK and other kits.

My EDC is a Case medium Stockman much like your Solitare except with three blades.

I also have an SAK on the key chain and a Gerber money clip for carrying folding money which has a locking razor blade included.

I have a Buck 110 but folding knives in pouches on my belt are not something I favor.
16 December 2016, 10:47,
RE: New Knife recomendations
ColdSteel Finnwolf, excellent blade, always in my pocket (legal or not)
16 December 2016, 16:36,
RE: New Knife recomendations
My EDC is the Mil-K-818 shown on my avatar, which is non-locking and slightly less than 3" blade, so I think an equivalent such as the Victorinox Soldier would probably be UK-legal. I usually also have an Leatherman PSK around and a Mora or KBar in the vehicle. Lately I acquired an A.G. Russell Cowboy which is a larger version of the Case Sodbuster with 10cm blade in slip-joint style with micarta scales and lanyard hole. Quite adequate to trim a hoof or butcher deer.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
16 December 2016, 21:08,
RE: New Knife recomendations
Im sort of a knife snob. I have mostly custom knives. Here are some of my favorite knifemakers and I own several from each.
I prefer knives in O1 tool steel because they are easy to keep sharp. I also own a few in A2 and some in stainless for fishing. Right now is Deer Season in my neck of the woods so I am carrying my Ben Akin Pacific Trail.

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