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Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
20 December 2016, 19:41,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
I got a kick out of the electoral protest.

The only changes made were desertions from the Hillary side.

Most do not realize the EC is one of the safeguards built into the Constitution to prevent the large urban areas from controlling the entire political system and steamrolling the small communities and rural areas, just like our two house legislature controls radical opinion shifts among the urban rabble.

Also still wondering how the DNC computers, secured by the best minds in the nation, were hacked while the server in Sec of State Hillary's bathroom closet was completely secure from any and all intrusions.

Which bring up another point.

If you were a Russian leader, and Obama had told you he was going to retaliate for this unproven hack on a private (not government) computer network.

And you knew that he only had 30 days left to do the deed,

Would you set there and wait for the shoe to drop?

I am anticipating a real "smack upside of the head" for some U.S. system in the next few weeks. I do not think TPTB in the west realize they are playing a game that is nearing the "mutually assured destruction" of networks similar to our cold war concerns, only now it is systems control and information transfer that is endangered.
20 December 2016, 22:51,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
Some people who are in a position to know have suggested that angry people within the US intelligence establishment, unhappy with how the FBI handled the Hillary server issue, purposefully "leaked" damaging emails to the media, and planted the "Russians Did It" story as a false flag op. Such things have happened before and such a theory is both plausible and likely.

It’s gratifying to witness the Obama White House, which downplayed and simply ignored Russian clandestine spy-games for almost eight years, suddenly pledge to get serious about it. That this sea-change is coming as President Obama is packing his belongings and therefore will have minimal real-world impact doesn’t mean it’s not welcome.

All the same, the emerging debate about what exactly Vladimir Putin and his spies did in 2016 to influence our elections is already politically toxic, fundamentally dishonest, and flagrantly partisan. As is now the custom in Washington, both sides are more than willing to ignore inconvenient facts when they get in the way of their preferred narrative...

The first thing Republicans must do is stop telling transparent lies. Trump and his mouthpieces are still denying that anything untoward happened in 2016 involving Russians, which is a blatant falsehood. Here the Trumpian penchant for bald-faced denials and aggressive doubling-down is wearing thin, fast. The president-elect has put himself on a collision course with our Intelligence Community, a game of chicken that Trump will lose in the end, and lose badly. The last president to enter the Oval Office brimming with dislike and distrust of our spies was Richard Nixon, which ought to serve as a cautionary tale.

Team Trump especially needs to stop its surrogates from mouthing Kremlin propaganda alleging that the “real” source of the Democrats’ stolen emails was an American insider, perhaps even the National Security Agency—anybody but the Russians. They likewise ought to cease taunting Democrats with complaints about their “sour grapes” that Putin helped elect Trump, which only serves to taint the new administration with even more dubious Kremlin connections than it already has...

Democrats likewise need to get smart and stop telling lies. Not content to rightly push for a serious inquiry into Putin’s spy-games, prominent Democrats are now selling the idea that Kremlin antics elected Trump and that the victor on November 8 therefore can’t be a legitimate president...

Blaming shadowy Russians for their traumatic defeat at the ballot box is pleasing to Democrats and surely much easier than soul-searching about what when so wrong for their candidate and their party in 2016. However, it’s politically hazardous for the entire country, since it threatens to make our already polarized politics even more so...

The urgent task at hand is for a joint, bipartisan Congressional committee to meticulously examine all available evidence, classified and unclassified, to establish what foreign entities did to influence our election this year. This complex mission must be handled in the interests of country over party, while thorough assessment of exactly how much influence covert Kremlin antics had on November 8 will prove deeply vexing, so self-searching honesty is required. The first thing our 2016 candidates and their surrogates need to do is stop lying.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
20 December 2016, 23:30,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
The whole "Russian thing" is simply denial of the Democrats of the fact that their policies were rejected by the population.

In their minds it could not possibly be rejection of their policies, it had to be some corrupt outside influence that cost them the election.

The whole mess is an unveiled propaganda move offering the supporters of the Clinton Dynasty a scapegoat.

I am sure the DHS, which was one suspected source of leaks, as well as the CIA, would love to see all suspicion directed to the Russians.
21 December 2016, 16:13,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
(20 December 2016, 23:30)Mortblanc Wrote: I am sure the DHS, which was one suspected source of leaks, as well as the CIA, would love to see all suspicion directed to the Russians.

I am sure the DHS, which was one suspected source of leaks, as well as the CIA, are directing all suspicion to the Russians.

There, I fixed it for you!
If at first you don't secede, try, try again!
21 December 2016, 19:01,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
Subtle but meaningful change, and appropriate.

I have become quite sick of our news agencies demanding that we think what they think and trying to label and ban any opposing information as "fake news".

We have the same agencies that professed the existence of "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq professing the intrusion of Russians into our election????

The Democrats railed at intel mistakes and the fact that Bush acted on the intelligence data 15 years ago, and now they are demanding some form of action, and Obama is apparently going to take it, based on the data given by the same agency they blame for the Iraq War.

This is propaganda the likes of which has not been seen since Gerbils ran the Hitler press.
22 December 2016, 02:24,
RE: Public Corruption Taints Clinton Campaign
Show us the evidence then...

Although even if they did how would anyone without a very high level of IT knowledge understand it anyway? You could cook up a hacking story and issue a call to authority by experts (your experts) and where would the defence be?

Propaganda is of course intended to short circuit the rational mind and hit the emotional centres, but the mistrust has now become so great due to past actions being exposed eg Iraq WMD etc that it's becoming more and more difficult to make it work now.

And this all happened shortly after the proxy war in Syria was lost (attempt to kill two birds with one stone?) - just a coincidence of course, nothing to worry about.

Is Russia a threat? quite possibly, but then so is a bear that is being baited by an anaconda.

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