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Food Rationing In Venezuela
10 June 2016, 12:27,
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
Just to add warehouse/distribution centres of course they will take these, but as for supermarkets that will be free for all there will be to much mob rule to waste resources trying to contain supermarkets, in a shtf supermarkets won't have much left for long.

Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self    ཨོཾ་མ་ཎི་པདྨེ་ཧཱུྃ
10 June 2016, 13:23,
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
If it was some cataclysmic event the supermarkets would be emptied day one I would guess; its bad enough now if we get a bit of snow.

On a plus note, I've strawberries in the greenhouse only a couple of days away from picking... the jam season is upon us [Image: p0102.gif]
10 June 2016, 14:27, (This post was last modified: 10 June 2016, 14:29 by Tartar Horde.)
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
(10 June 2016, 11:11)harrypalmer Wrote: Steve said

"Agreed, they'll only visit people who have a higher than average chance of decent stocks. Preppers."

Do they keep a list of preppers then?

You've got more chance of being whisked off in a UFO and being probed than having your nosh taken [Image: c0502.gif]

That said I can see the powers that be taking over warehouses/supermarket distribution centres; far easier in terms of manpower than hitting individuals.

During the War Harry large groups of officials were sent out to every farm, dairy and food producer to itemise their stock down to the last pig and egg. Any food produced over and above what the family needed was procurred for the state and "marked". Anyone supsected of hoarding had their food stocks seized, including normal citizens. I agree that they probably don't have a list of preppers, but the power the state can muster in a time of emergency would make the task of finding these people relatively easy, so a sensible dose of paranoia might be prudent--- sensible being the operative word. The situation in Venezuela is becoming seriouse, with the government now starting to use food rationing as a political tool, favouring "party members" and apparachniks, dividing an already stressed population. From our standpoint on the forum we might gain some usefull information as to the direction a system breakdown takes.
I'm waiting for my Goosegogs to ripen, got 14lb last year and wifey made lots of Jam, but her gooseberry crumble is to die for mate.
10 June 2016, 16:15,
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
Any idea how many people had their 'stash' seized? I'm not talking about farmers et al, but Joe Public..My grand parents told me that hording etc was rife with WW2 ordinary folk. Remember too that back then many people kept animals ranging from chickens to pigs; not country folk but city people.

A book by Harry Patch (The Last Fighting Tommy ) who survived WW1 and served in more civilian roles in WW2 said that if something was not nailed down it got nicked... well worth a read.
10 June 2016, 18:13,
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
To me the cultural aspects are worth a study.

How long will the people go before the threat of the National Guard troops is overwhelmed by they cries of their hungry children?

And how long will the NG troops suppress their own kin and countrymen?

This problem could be solved in a week with a quick coup and request for international relief.

This is South America and they do not think like you do.
10 June 2016, 18:40,
RE: Food Rationing In Venezuela
Its an awful situation for the people of Venezuela, my heart goes out to them.

In theory they should be doing well, oil, gas, gold, lots of arable land etc... instead the economy is Scheisse

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