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7 August 2016, 18:50,
RE: Eden
I haven't watched it as don't have enough time on my hands. My gut instinct was its big brother in the woods and I won't learn anything. From what you have posted seems I was right with this assessment. Give Ray Mears or better yet somewhere to go outside for myself, I seem to learn far more that way.

Funny thing with the democracy they have going on, is it works when things are peaceful and easy. But I suspect they will form cliques and be at each others throats before long. Also have they really been unsupported by the outside world? Somehow I kind of doubt it. It might be entertaining, but educational? Perhaps for a psychological point of view. I however, shall be steering clear.
The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

9 August 2016, 17:23,
RE: Eden
it just gets worse and worse! apart from 3 guys checking the crab pots and the ones slaughtering the sheep, no one was doing any work.
only 6 people turned up at "the work camp", so no work was done, they just sat around moaning about how few people turned up, surely you can get some work done with 6 people ? I would have thought so.
they seem more interested in having a party, they seem to have plenty of make up and party clothes-maybe that says it all.
does anyone know if that is a loch or the sea? if its the sea how about checking the rock pools at low tide?
that's a sandy beach...any razor fish?
nobody doing any trapping or snaring....maybe that's something to do with "elf and safety"??
nobody doing any foraging......its spring!! something must be growing.
at least they got rid of some "dead wood" last night, if it was me if you don't work you don't get fed.
I suppose you cant take people out of the modern world and put them in a "wild" environment, they just don't know what to do and no one is telling them what to do.
if this was for real they'd have to get on with it and get the work done, or die, there wouldnt be any other option, they'd have to learn "on the job" so to speak.
whoever said it was "big brother in the woods" got it about right and no mistake.
9 August 2016, 17:32,
RE: Eden
No one to tell them what to do, there is no leader.
9 August 2016, 17:39,
RE: Eden
(9 August 2016, 17:32)harrypalmer Wrote: No one to tell them what to do, there is no leader.

yeah I said that.
you said that before.
so they just sit on their backsides and do nothing?
nobody got any ideas? just sit, eat up all the food, what then?
if this was for real they'd have to do something or die.
10 August 2016, 08:59,
RE: Eden
Agreed they need a leader, they were given too much supplies to make it a real self sufficient project.
Plus the women are still putting on makeup!!! (last thing I would be doing or even taking there...)
They don't seem to realise that winter is a real killer, and the winter building and storing of food is a must.
I guess they know they can just leave if it get too tough.
This seems to be a "how not to do it show", well we can still learn from this too.
10 August 2016, 09:51,
RE: Eden
I can't be bothered with the show, not watch the latest episode, how is the planting getting on?
15 August 2016, 16:52,
RE: Eden
I gave in and watched the episode. I'm now just looking at it as a light entertainment show, nothing to do with reality...with those 'glasses' on its just a bit of fun.

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