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Dangerous times, suspicious events
1 November 2016, 23:05,
Dangerous times, suspicious events
I remember as a kid listening to my parents bridge-table conversations with "spook" neighbors, particularly about how the CIA felt about JFK when he canceled the air support for the Bay of Pigs. Several, now-deceased agency staffers of that era who worked the black side of the house insisted that the JFK assassination was a coup engineered by LBJ, the Cuban exile community and others deep within the intelligence establishment. Oliver Stone put forth this premise in his film. We may never know the truth, but an alternative theory of the crime is always interesting to contemplate.

Now fast-forward the tape...The contractors at Benghazi were all ex spec op guys, who still had friends on the teams, in Delta, in CIA and NSA. So, I wonder how long it actually took NSA/CIA to download some 650,000 emails onto Anthony Wiener's computer? What we call plausible deniability...

I think we'll get a better feel for what the contents might be when we see which HRC supporters suddenly become silent or switch their support, like the White House suddenly being so warm toward Comey and CNN dumping Donna Brazile.


[The guy leading the "investigation" of the Clinton Foundation is John Podesta's best friend. Sorta like having Goering investigate Hitler and the National Socialists.]

Lost in the hurricane of news about the FBI's renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email is a bombshell of possibly greater importance — an apparent attempt by Obama's Justice Department to quash an FBI probe into the troubled Clinton Foundation.

Back in August, the Daily Caller reported that the FBI and several U.S. attorneys offices were conducting a joint investigation of the foundation for financial crimes and influence peddling.

It was a major story that, naturally, other news outlets ignored, until this weekend. In an extensive report on battles within the FBI and Justice Department over how to handle various investigations involving people in Clinton's orbit, the Wall Street Journal revealed deep in the story how senior officials at Justice tried to thwart the FBI from looking too closely at the Clinton Foundation.

"Early this year, four FBI field offices — New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Little Rock, Ark. — were collecting information about the Clinton Foundation to see if there was evidence of financial crimes or influence-peddling," the Journal reported.

But when these investigators presented their findings to the Justice Department in February 2016, Justice refused to grant them the authority to use more aggressive investigative techniques, such as issuing subpoenas or conducting formal interviews.

Then, on Aug. 12 — the day after the Daily Caller piece ran — a "very pissed off" senior Justice Department official called Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe after learning that FBI agents were nevertheless still pursuing the Clinton Foundation case.

The Journal quotes FBI agents who said they were then told to "stand down" from the probe.

The report also notes that U.S. attorneys refused to let FBI investigators look at devices turned over in the Clinton email scandal to see if they contained evidence of wrongdoing at the foundation. Justice had conveniently agreed to immunity and limited-use deals with Clinton's lawyers.

It's not as if FBI investigators were out in left field in suspecting that the Clinton Foundation was a corrupt organization. Peter Schweizer, in his 2015 book "Clinton Cash," had detailed numerous cases in which decisions made by the State Department while Hillary was in charge just happened to coincide with donations to the charity.

Hacked emails released by WikiLeaks have since made it clear that, despite Clinton's promise to avoid conflicts of interest between her work at State and the foundation, her top aides continued to have close dealings with the foundation, and that donors often received special treatment at State.

A memo leaked last week showed how Bill Clinton repeatedly scored lucrative business deals with businesses after they agreed to be Clinton Foundation donors. And evidence continues to emerge that the foundation's "charity" work was less beneficial than claimed.

Now it appears that Justice has successfully sidelined a critical investigation into the corrupt Clinton Foundation purely for political reasons. If so, then the Justice Department itself is guilty of obstructing justice.

This is the very definition of a "rigged system."

Cheers and Beers.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
3 November 2016, 09:56,
RE: Dangerous times, suspicious events
What got me was the 650K emails. Who has 650K emails sent to them personally talking about yoga?
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
3 November 2016, 15:30,
RE: Dangerous times, suspicious events
If you were head of the FBI, and you really thought Hillary was going to win, would you be doing this?

There is a trail of dead bodies behind the Clintons for doing much less to them,

The reason the initial probe was dropped was due to lack of proof of "intent" to break the law. The only reason to reopen it is that they have found proof of intent.

This is also partly a smoke screen for covering the investigation of the Clinton foundation, which the FBI claimed would have indictments attached for sure.

I have also noted that in the UK the polling data for this election is different that what is available in the U.S. UK news says Hillary has regained her previous lead while the most valid U.S. sources show her steadily falling behind and exit polls from early voting and absentee ballots giving Trump a head count majority.

But then it does not matter who votes or who they vote for, all that matters is who counts the votes.

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