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19 December 2016, 06:20,
I have a plan to go NYC on this Christmas and for this day wanna enjoy their shoppings. I have discussed this with my friends and they had suggested me lots of shopping places. Some of them confused me guys and now I really wanna know from your suggestions about that. Would anyone like to drop here?
19 December 2016, 06:52,
Wow, you have a really lovely plan for the enjoying of holidays and also the eve in NYC on this Christmas. I hope so you will spend your impressive time here with good wishes. I suggest you if you want to make your this eve special you will try to move with his self your friends.
19 December 2016, 08:00,
I try to stay as far away from NYC as most British try to stay away from London. NYC has the highest prices and the highest cost of living in the entire U.S.

Go across the River to new Jersey and hit one of the Costco stores. You will never know the joys of shopping in the U.S. unless you get out of the urban area and hit the malls in the suburbs.

Hoxword, I can not understand half what you say. Are you on a translation program?
20 December 2016, 08:55,
Mortblanc ! I am going to agree with you here that but visiting lovers for enjoying its beautiful night use these destination for staying here in NYC, I would like to say that here you have shared your view and experience best for us. so now I wanna say that how was your new Jersey travelling experience?

Keep sharing...
21 December 2016, 07:19,
Nice topic is running here by you guys. NYC stands for the New York city which is the most lovely and amazing city to explore in the USA. This city is famous due top its nightlife nad amazing lifestyle. There are many amazing attractions for the travelers to go for and see the beauty of countless attractions there in which Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park and statue of Liberty are famous to see.
22 December 2016, 07:23,
Hi all. This is not a holiday / tourism forum.

I'm closing this thread down for two reasons:

Irrelevance and disgraceful use of the English language.
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