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2016 not a good year
16 January 2017, 21:01,
2016 not a good year
Not had a good 2016 for preserves , jams, pickled onions,and wines fact...we produced NOTHING other than runner beans and some broad beans also peas for the freezer.

Due to the work load of jobs for my daughter , preparation of ground ...then the new build ...left me short of time for all else....some friends called around over the Christmas and new year ....."okay where's my pickled onions and damson jelly ? " Not done any this year ....not one jar ! we say....."but you Always do them " No not this year sorry "what not even chutney ! " No not even chutney.....WTF is going on pal ....this is not good it will not do at all mate ! we been having onions and jam for years never miss ....well we did year with it ! ....its funny really how people become accustomed to a tradition .....most all left disappointed for sure....just a reminder to us all sometimes things do not go as they normally do..maybe i should have made more effort even for myself .

Today john walked past with his dog....Good morning John .....MORNING ! .....well what have we done to you ?....what's that john ....well we have'nt had our onions or jam....we thought we had done something ? .....not had.....stops me ......i am only taking the piss pal ! .......i will prolly hear more from some in the near by village no doubts .

So was it just us this year ? how did you do ? anything new?
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
16 January 2017, 22:54,
RE: 2016 not a good year
I had the privilege of being swamped by rain for the entire planting season and it did not stop until too late to plant and get a harvest, so there was no garden this year.

Fortunately I still have canned and frozen left from the previous year and all the cans seem to be good.

I have the habit of dehydrating and then freezing cherry tomatoes and I still have a one gallon zip lock full of them. They taste as good as fresh in soups and stews.

This year, no matter what the weather or how late the planting, I must get a batch of tomato plants into the ground. Even if they are in buckets on the porch I will have them this year. Everything else I plant is optional. I can buy canned and frozen just as cheap for storage and preps, but I really enjoy fresh stuff out of the garden in the summer, especially the peas, beans and okra.
28 February 2017, 20:30,
RE: 2016 not a good year
Been watching some stuff on YT on how fast our infrastructure and delivery systems can grind to a halt.....payments electronically and banking controls (we have them right now ) me wondering HOW much food ,water, and all else would we need, it appears there are a lot of differing views from 1-3 months upwards of five years and anything in between, depending on different scenarios , the majority of sheeple might last two to three weeks.

So because we "Survivalists/Preppers" are more enlightened than most ....We have squirrelled away most all we will need from every angle we think will get us through tshtf
we even practise old skills to hunt ,fish and grow crops .....But i want you to think about something for a few time you go food shopping take a good look at how many sheeple are in the store ....check out the main street how many are there ? don't forget this is just 1 store or 1 street...then do the maths within say a ten mile radius of where you stand....that's a lot of well pissed off sheeple the UK in particular ! .

We have all talked about keeping chickens,pigs,rabbits and poly tunnels greenhouses and growing cabbage in hedgerows hiding in plain sight ALL worthwhile endeavours for sure and a must do for sure.....but i have a reoccurring problem and i just can't shake free of it.......around here where i live there are huge numbers of sheep,cows for milk and beef with the maths i have asked of you earlier .....How long do you think it would take to empty all pastures of ALL these animals long will it take to empty my garden , poly tunnel and greenhouse ? desperate people including US will do likewise to feed our families and take another look a your how do YOU plan on hanging on to what you have worked for ....even if you are lucky enough to be up high and out the way ....sooner or later to will have to face this scenario...will you run for it....stand fast and fight ...What's your PLAN ...if you have one ? not forgetting attempted house break in's.
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
1 March 2017, 06:10,
RE: 2016 not a good year
Sort of on topic, this year Spain had heavy snow and rain in parts. The parts of Spain hit grow 90% of Europe's winter salads and this bad weather meat a major shortage in UK supermarkets of the likes of Iceberg lettuce and fresh Courgettes. For a while the price of lettuce doubled as it was shipped to the UK from the USA!

Remember folks, our supply chain is fragile...some unseasonable snow in Spain meant a major shortage in the UK.
1 March 2017, 06:33,
RE: 2016 not a good year
The illegal aliens from Mexico who pick the California lettuce thank you...

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
1 March 2017, 07:16,
RE: 2016 not a good year
Were we sharing?

I had not noticed. Lettuce is still $1 a head here.

SS your "problem" is answered by deciding what you are willing to do to defend your family and their existence.

What you are willing to do will determine how much you have to eat, or how long your loved ones last.

If you are not willing to defend the homestead why build one?
1 March 2017, 11:03,
RE: 2016 not a good year
There are many things said in jest. Makes you wonder what will happen if there is an event and they have to do without but rely on you and others.
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
1 March 2017, 12:58,
RE: 2016 not a good year
MB in my post i did ask what you would do for the hills or stand fast and fight, i did not build this place to just run off to the hills ...this IS my bug out and there are plenty of counter measures within and around the place ....i will stay and do whatever to defend it , but its not a comfort blanket either , could well have to leave it ....them darn Apaches ! and me with no Winchester or horse...and i really do like breathing and brushing to bit of hair i have left,so to enable me and mine to enjoy just that ....another BOP is very necessary just in case , the fact is i cannot carry my poly tunnel and all else and just bugger off out of it ...and hiding my tracks as i leave with a big branch of a bush or tree....them there scouts are cunning what you going to do then ? sit on the front porch in a rocking chair and shout " comon over ...let me introduce you to my friend"......beause in the land of the free you own guns....lots of guns ...and here all i have right now is a crossbow , bow n arrows and the ability to vomit in the general direction of them there peskie apachies ....damn they sure look mean .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.

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