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Electric/hybrid vehicles
22 November 2017, 20:50,
RE: Electric/hybrid vehicles
Hello all
We are lucky so far in the west midlands that we have not had any real frosts yet, and I have not yet done any winter vehicle preps. We have a small family car as a daily runabout which would be our get home vehicle, and also a campervan that would be used if we need to evacuate our home in an emergency, the water tank we be left empty but there are two full jerry cans always ready in the garage. Two weeks food,bedding and clothing will be kept dry with a dehumidifier and I always fill up with fuel after a trip. The camping and caravan website is very useful for info on winter preps.
22 November 2017, 21:47,
RE: Electric/hybrid vehicles
A timely reminder Pete, around the home as well as the vehicles , chimney swept , gutters to be emptied of leaves, outside taps to be insulated , LPG gas bottles all topped up, antifreeze, oil levels , brake fluid levels ,screen wash, check all tyres and pressures , GHB , shovel ,spare boots and socks , all weather coat,gloves ,spare fuel and first aid kit....not a complete
list by any stretch ...although most of this stuff is always on board my truck ...winter has some extra requirements that need our attention ...what i tend to do is write up a list ...then prep up all the items (or check them out ) and put them on a sheet in the garage once everything is ticked off they are stored in the truck (in a container i found best) if you have room ....but find some ....under seats ...where ever .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
22 November 2017, 22:19,
RE: Electric/hybrid vehicles
There’s always under the back seat.
22 November 2017, 23:39,
RE: Electric/hybrid vehicles
One of the reason I get less fuel mileage than I should is all the emergency gear I keep in the rig.

I could rebuild a small village or restart human civilization out of either if my vehicles.

Add to that the tendency of our highways to gridlock during the winter months, and usually for reasons of serious weather. It is not unusual for ice to shut down our major motorways just when everyone is trying to get home.

So I keep enough food for a week, down -30 sleeping bag, extra parka, vehicle stove and bottled water in the vehicle, then I refuse to drive in the snow. It is the nicest part of being retired. I simply refuse to leave the house in winter weather.

Who knows, I might actually have to get out in that nasty stuff someday!

For now it is comforting to know it is there and available.

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