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Testing 123
20 March 2017, 00:21,
Testing 123
I live in the TV air-wave area of the city of Cincinnati. Due to the presence of several research hospitals in the area we get announcements from the hospitals requesting "volunteers" to test new drugs.

The first polio vaccines were developed here as well as a host of other vaccines over the years.

There are people around here that make their living as test subjects.

I just heard an offer that would pay $3000, about 1800 pounds, for a three day test requiring stay in the hospital for the test.

So is anyone up for having an unknown and untested chemical applied to their person?

The pay is good!
20 March 2017, 02:24,
RE: Testing 123
I take it they must ask for paid volunteers, because using prison inmates would be considered "cruel and unusual punishment."

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
20 March 2017, 06:28,
RE: Testing 123
From what I understand, when they used prisoners it was also voluntary and they had time taken off their sentences for the risk.

During some tests of extreme danger, such as the polio testing and other deadly diseases, entire sentences could be commuted. Lord only knows some of the after effects.

I always figured it was like that John Wayne thing from Blazing saddles, John Wayne was the only one that ever survived and even he walked funny.

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