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More Chicken Mite Problems
18 April 2017, 20:04,
More Chicken Mite Problems
In spite of my dedicated treatment of the chicken coops with anti-mite spray and diatomaceous powder, one of my hens (only one) has managed to pick up foot mites. I am not amused, and because I regard every single animal as due the best care I can provide, I have been pursuing a personalised treatment regime - it appears to be working. For anyone else with this problem, this is what I have been doing.

My chicken health handbooks rather cheerily advised me that mite is difficult to clear. This sort of statement is like a red rag to a bull, as far a I am concerned. A bit of lateral thought reminded me that mite is a blood-feeding creature and so would ingest anything in the bloodstream of the chicken. I found on-line (good old eBay), a supply of Ivermectin in dropper bottles. Ivermectin is actually an anti-parasite medication. It is used in horse wormers, cattle wormers etc. So, I have dosed my little hen with one drop per 500g on the back of her neck - once a week. I'll repeat it for at least 3 weeks. To help soften the deposits made by the mites on the feet, I have sprayed an anti-mite oil on her feet and massaged warmed petroleum jelly to soften the scales and help regrowth. To my surprise (and relief), the chunks of crud are slowly coming off. It's not pretty, but the treatment seems to be working.

Now if this seems to be a lot of trouble for one little hen, I regard it as useful information. Pass it on.

Oh and I seem to have accidentally discovered a way to deal with those canker patches on cherry trees........
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19 April 2017, 22:29,
RE: More Chicken Mite Problems
dip her legs into a jar of paraffin and then rub vasaline onto them

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