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Yuletide Greetings/Merry Christmas
26 December 2017, 17:55,
RE: Yuletide Greetings/Merry Christmas
I hope you still have a cheap electric guitar, or an acoustic lying about in the rubble SS. They are as much a part of SHTF survival as anything else in the kit.

With no power, no radio, no TV, no recorded music, those acoustic instruments will return to the only available means of entertainment status they once had, back before the gramophone was invented.

One of my long term hobbies has been historical reenactment of the American frontier in the 18th century. Not the "wild west", but the era that preceded it in the time of the 7 Years War and the generation or two after that. The camps we hold and demonstrations we do are devoid of access to electrical power to keep them historically accurate and sometimes the camps last 10 days through two weeks. At night the sound of music drifting through the camp is very relaxing and sometimes promotes spontaneous formation of what can only be termed as "jug bands", square dancing and such depending on how much Bourbon or hot buttered rum is present.

Many of the songs we play were brought over by the first settlers and the words/music have survived for hundreds of years.

I grew up in a very strange musical environment and learned to appreciate many varried types of music from an early age. I was just looking through the selection of CD disks in the holder above the sun visor in the truck the other day and realized I had Mozart, Narada, the Ventures, Pink Floyd, and the Hee Haw Gospel Band all out of alphabetical order.
26 December 2017, 18:13,
RE: Yuletide Greetings/Merry Christmas
Yes indeed...... i still have my acoustic and some spare packs of strings and also a harmonica © .....that ought to keep the sheeple away....its been known for visitors to BEG me to place my guitar back on the stand.....i am that f..king awesome .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
31 December 2017, 09:11,
RE: Yuletide Greetings/Merry Christmas
We were away over Chgristmas and failed to send appropriate greetings, so before it too late we' wish you all a Happy New Year!
72 de



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