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Swedish crime wave.
21 January 2018, 17:13,
Swedish crime wave.
I have just read an article in today’s Sunday Times about a dramatic rise in crime in Sweden, in Malmo their third largest city, children as young as 14 patrolling the street with kalashnikovs and wearing body armour, average age of gang members is 22 and most come from migrant families. General belief there seems to blame “uncontrolled immigration” and poor integration for the increase, if so we should all beware.
Please read the full article yourselves and make up your own minds.
21 January 2018, 17:25,
RE: Swedish crime wave.
Yup ,why do you think Sweden have recently advised citizens yto prepare food water so on for a long period.
It's only my personal thought but I believe realistic issue.
I have too read they have lost control of law and order in many areas.

It's one to watch that may show a real threat to Europe as a whole at least in a possible future.
21 January 2018, 19:59,
RE: Swedish crime wave.
Well, guys, you reap what you sow!
When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
21 January 2018, 23:39,
RE: Swedish crime wave.

21 January 2018 16:46 CET+01:00
Forty-three people were shot to death in Sweden in 2017 and the new year has not shown many signs of improvement.
Responding to the deadly spate of violence amongst criminal elements in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, the chief of the Swedish National Police vowed to do better.

“It's hard to eliminate murders altogether, but we have to get the levels down considerably,” Dan Eliasson said.

Eliasson’s police force has plenty to contend with. Just a few days ago, an explosive was detonated outside of a police station in the Rosengård district of Malmö in what police called “a response from criminals”. Not long before that, a police car parked outside a police station in central Malmö was damaged in an explosion.

Meanwhile, two young men were recently shot dead in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby and there were also recent killings in Helsingborg, Sundbyberg and Malmö.
Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats, said his party wants to "declare war" on organized crime, and suggested using military help to support the police could be a way of doing so.

Interviewed following the debate, PM Löfven said that using military resources was not his preferred method but did not appear to rule it out.

"Putting the military in wouldn't be my first measure, but I am prepared to do what is needed to ensure that organized crime is eliminated," he told news agency TT.

"The military is not one of the first options, but we will look at a number of other measures. If that's not enough, the PM does not want to speculate what comes after," Löfven's press secretary Jonatan Holst wrote.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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