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In need of "airing"
4 January 2019, 18:39,
RE: In need of "airing"
(9 February 2018, 16:15)Straight Shooter Wrote: H/D Rain last night ...snow flurries about 9 am ....then beautiful sunshine all day ,took a trip down to hospital to visit a friend ....i must say....its nothing like you guys have over the pond ....but i do love reading your accounts of what you call normal...i noticed the off roaders turn into main roaders just because of 5mm of snow that's not even sticking.....winches front and rear ,snorkels,big spot lights and snow chains hanging from the front bull bar....yeah right !

Well we will skip the spamming SOB in that one post, that thinks he can throw in a word like sheeple and we will not notice his link it to a diet pill website, and get on with things one year latter.

I read what you wrote SS and realized that you are describing my daily driver!
4 January 2019, 19:06,
RE: In need of "airing"
Damn poser ! ....
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
6 January 2019, 17:15,
RE: In need of "airing"
Since it has been a very wet and cold period of time for the past few weeks and I am blessed with some cold sunshine today I believe I will get on with a project.

I am making a small wood stove and for this effort I will need to burn some black bituminous residue from the inside of a 16 liter metal bucket.

There should be a great cloud of black sickening smoke to entertain the strong and send the weak hearted, cancer fearing horde over the edge of the nearest cliff.

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