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Oil and food. Trees for sale
6 March 2018, 17:26,
Oil and food. Trees for sale
Olive trees for sale. 200 plus year old trees for sale. Don't be fooled. It is not easy getting the oil out of olives. They must be ground up and gently heated before they can be pressed. England does not have the climate to produce olives in sufficient quantity despite what some purveyors of these trees might lead you believe. It is too cold already and will get colder if the Gulf-stream (the Atlantic Conveyer) ceases to exist due to global warming. Your trees should stay in Spain where they will produce lots of olives and oil.

However, I have lots of trees and I will sell you one if you can dig it up and get it home. Better yet you can buy the whole farm. It is surrounded by protected forest in which I have picked wild asparagus and Lactarius deliciosus. It is only 1 mile from the sea which is brimming with octopi and fish. Crops of one sort or another grow there all year round and there are rabbit, ptarmigan and other stuff to eat like carob, almonds and figs.

While this post may seem to be farcical and humorous I can prove to anyone the offer is genuine. And this post is informative at a genuine level.

The 3.8 Ha farm is very near the Ebro Delta and located well off the beaten path. Such is the location any marauders would most likely pass by after robbing the neighbours whose house you must pass before you can reach our land.

I would leave a picture from google Earth showing the exact location but I am not sure I trust you guys yet. I just joined today. Do be kind won't you?
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