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UK 4 meals away from anarchy in a disaster?
8 April 2018, 19:39,
RE: UK 4 meals away from anarchy in a disaster?
Hold on a moment chaps ! i understand perfectly generational differences and indeed progress made over each generation and the wonderful heights reached in health care ,communications, travel and all the mod cons...the main thing i see is the loss of face to face conversation and interaction ....yes you are quite correct MB the hospital did contact me via text and phone even a old fashioned letter....and yes i am very appreciative for my life changing bypasses and the wonderful surgeon that used great skill to get me sorted out......but for all the gains ....there are losses to my case i notice social behaviour breaking down thank you and please cost nothing....eye to eye contact would be nice.....Self at all costs in everything they do.....not all ....but the younger people i would say are in the majority.....we are ALL taking part in the modern lifestyles available to all right now...and i am no different to anyone else....but i also like to cherry pick the good bits and moan like fuck about the bad bits i do not like as i see fit ....its no big deal really...... besides i am just another old guy that made it long enough for to claim my Old Age Pension (that i have fully paid up over my lifetime ) which i might add helps pay for my playing at self sufficiency...your right again MB ! everyone knows it ....including me mate....but i enjoy it ...even love it ...the most you all get from me is my gardening tales and endeavours and not so well thought out and usually fuck all to do with prepping ....things i happen to be doing at any one time i am interested in ...and pretty much bores the tits off everyone else its a shame but that's all i have to offer....but don't feel the least bit sad or sorry for SS....i am having a great time here....Life is for living , love and the enjoyment of others get with the program chaps ....milk the time you have left...there's not a moment to loose ........or waste.......lets have a conker competition ...lets go nuts .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
8 April 2018, 19:47,
RE: UK 4 meals away from anarchy in a disaster?
Sorry, SS, but you painted such a vivid picture I had to laugh out loud..... and I know exactly what you mean!
When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

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