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Time for a Change
4 April 2018, 21:07,
Time for a Change
I got nothing here, I was just sick of seeing a post about dope every time I scrolled down the forum list.

It is almost time for planting here though.

I think I will do a bit more this year. A dozen tomato plants and a couple of rows of okra should do the job nicely.

I might do a patch of kale and another of turnips too.

Of course all this means I have to get the roto-tiller out and service it too. That will be a days work all by itself.
5 April 2018, 09:40,
RE: Time for a Change
Just sown some turnips,Swiss chard,leaf beet and tomatoes , beautiful sun here today ! me and my side kick are out back sorting out all the containers and having a good clean up , we popped out to get some new canes yesterday ....and one row is now up ready for planting , we are off out later to buy a small greenhouse to set up on the deck for the tomatoes and cucumbers....when ever i get pissed off....the biggest pick me up that works every time for me is having a walk around the garden and taking a good long look at the work put into it ....and picking something out and eating it raw ...right there ! what a union ! of effort and pleasure ....i reckon god was a gardener....Eden , Eve , em right here ! ....get tilling MB ...FRESH VEG is gooood for the soul !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
6 April 2018, 16:17,
RE: Time for a Change
When the threat of snow subsides I will get busy.

We have a winter advisory for the whole weekend with snow and sleet expected tomorrow.

No planting around here for another month and with our spring storms going on there is no way a polytunnel would survive for a full week. Two nights ago we had 60kph wind gusts for the whole night.

So no start ups and transfers around here. You plant in May and get your harvest when it arrives.

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