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Hunting in the wild
6 May 2018, 17:15,
RE: Hunting in the wild
DermaSafe saw is probably the best tool ever for cutting notches for Figure Four trap triggers and for slitting the sides of metal food cans to improvise a hobo stove or tent heater and saving your primary knife blade by using the saw to make rough cuts.

Not sure how effective it would be in cutting jail bars, but the quick amputation threat could be valuable for interrogating terrorists and spies if you left your K-Bar and Vice-Grips at home 8-)

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
7 May 2018, 06:11,
RE: Hunting in the wild
I was just remembering it being in some of the extensive medical kits, and some of the situations those combat medics got into when treating injuries. Sometimes a "bone saw" would have been handy.

Those little saws also cut a mean slot for hafting an improvised arrow point. Would probably do a good job making a string notch too.

I bought a dozen of the Derma Safe knives a while back and scattered them all through the gear, gave some away, still have a few floating around. I think I got a deal on Ebay and they wound up costing me less than a dollar each.
3 August 2018, 08:38,
RE: Hunting in the wild
Thank you both for the suggestions. sorry for the delay, been busy with work.

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