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What if you win?
11 July 2018, 03:12,
RE: What if you win?
I feel that Ms May has stalled for as long as she can and has fulfilled her obligation to the New World Order. That was her deal, you get to be PM if you hold them off long enough for TPTB to sabotage any attempt to actually exit.

I am hearing great rumbles from over there that it is time to $&!t or get off the pot and the will of the people can no longer be ignored.

As for the protests, we as a people have come to expect it. Protests of our representatives, our ideals, our borders, our moral fiber, and even protest of our service to our nation and it happens here as well as there, and other places.

But they never stop taking our money. First world, developing world or third world, they always have their hand out.

What the trade deal is over is we are trying to get some of our US made goods exempted from those horrid customs duties you folks impose! I was talking to someone the other day that spent more on duties and shipping than the cost of the product, and it is not a rare occurrence.

The whole world wants to sell here for free and charge duties to "protect" their own industry, then taunt us to he!! and back if we object.
11 July 2018, 11:48,
RE: What if you win?
Agree with you entirely. I said as soon as Andrea Leadsom was dragged through the gutter press forcing her to resign and May was selected, that her agenda (like that of a corrupt lawyer) would be to delay delay delay and add irrelavant stumbling blocks.

As for the so called US trade war, when I try to explain it to people, that all Trump is trying to do is level the playing field, they kind of get in, but then start throwing in irrelavancies and whine like brats. The UK by the way is one of the only NATO members of the EU that has fulfilled it's spending obligations.

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