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Question of Survival
4 September 2018, 17:20,
RE: Question of Survival
(4 September 2018, 17:03)Mortblanc Wrote: Here is another question!

If a wheel barrow has one wheel and you add a second wheel does that make it a "wheels barrow"?

Do two wheels make it a "cart"?

If one of the wheels is behind the other wheel does that make it a bicycle?

My word MB, your on the ball today, really sharp.

As for the answer to the question, i’ll have to give it some thought.
4 September 2018, 20:44,
RE: Question of Survival
Hot outside, temps in the 30-35c range, staying indoors under the AC and bored to tears.

I need to crank up the AC in the shop and do some work. There is piddling that awaits.

If I get the AC cranked up I might build another AR rifle.

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