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Old Fuel
2 September 2018, 11:59,
RE: Old Fuel
I can do a 200 mile round trip on half a tank of petrol, Vauxhall agila 1200, up and down the gearbox, back country roads max 50 miles per hour and on M5 motorway doing steady 60-65mph, 70-75 mph overtaking.
3 September 2018, 17:52,
RE: Old Fuel
Our citroen saxo has fuel capacity of just under ten UK gallons, with mixed town and motorway driving usually giving around 47 MPG, with better than 55 on motorway running.

But 130 miles on half a tank of petrol ain’t good even in crawling traffic.

The point of my last post was to show how having to crawl along on congested roads can half (or worse) fuel consumption.

I know this has been said many times but it is important, and i don’t mind if anyone thinks here we go again repeating an old thread.

So if anyone is just planning a trip or if evacuation is your SHTF plan, work on sufficient fuel for double your expective milage at least.
4 September 2018, 09:12,
RE: Old Fuel
they always reckon if your bugging out you need 3 times the fuel to get you where your going.
4 September 2018, 17:14,
RE: Old Fuel
The famous "THEY", and their ignorance, is what this thread is about BP.

Ignorant crap has been passed down as "fact" for so long that some of the old timers think that by just quoting the dribble they are authorities, when none have actually tried or tested any of it.
4 September 2018, 18:23,
RE: Old Fuel
I seem to remember reading that people evacuating florida due to an approaching hurricane, caught in traffic jams and running out of fuel.
4 September 2018, 18:50,
RE: Old Fuel
Just go's to show us the importance of vacating the potential dangers of events (in real time) ....even though early warnings were given days in advance....and the equal importance of planning the back road routes including cross country (if you have a 4 x 4) or not .....we need to plan exits with next to no warnings at all ...other things that could well help us being very aware of what is going on all about us , i for one will NOT be hitting the main roads and definitely NO motorways would have to be brain dead.
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
4 September 2018, 20:39,
RE: Old Fuel
(4 September 2018, 18:23)Pete Grey Wrote: I seem to remember reading that people evacuating florida due to an approaching hurricane, caught in traffic jams and running out of fuel.

It happens every year Pete. You can't fix stupid.

It is one reason that the evacuation notices are given well ahead of the event. The ones in the big traffic pile ups are the ones that waited till the last minute.

If you start your journey in a SHTF situation with an empty tank and expect to get petrol on the road you are going to run out.

If you sit in your vehicle with the motor running long enough you will run out of fuel. I believe that is called common knowledge. It does not take an expert prepper to figure that one out.

That is the case even though the modern vehicle will only burn a liter an hour or less with smaller engines. With a 20 liter load, or 6 gallons, one could run at idle for nearly 20 hours before the engine died.

During Katrina and Rita there were huge traffic pile ups and people died in place due to heat stroke and heart attack, but the storm did not kill them. They were running their engines nonstop so the air conditioners would keep them cool in the Texas heat, which often exceeds 35c in that area.

That was due to the evacuation notice not being issued until too late by TPTB in those areas when any 12 year old could look at the weather channel radar and say "We need to get out of Dodge!" for nearly a week before the event. The person/mayor in charge eventually wound up in prison for graft and incompetence.

But people running out of fuel is not the topic of this thread, which is about life span of petrol.
4 September 2018, 21:00,
RE: Old Fuel
As you say SS be aware and read the signs, go before the rabble block the roads. If you can plan to use the back road routes and avoid main roads.

If you’re late and the roads are blocked don’t even try to drive, bug in and make yourself as safe as you can, no doubt your well prepared for it. The worst case would be if you were driving when a sudden event occurred without warning.

The reason for my earlier post telling about our very bad fuel consumption on a recent M6 journey was from personal experience, the first 65 miles 3 1/2 hours, due to an accident, it took 2 hours to cover an 8 mile stretch, you could actually watch the fuel level go down.

Altogether 130 miles 5 1/2 hours half a tank of fuel. I wonder how far i would have got, even starting with a full tank, if it had been stop/start motoring all the way.
6 September 2018, 09:35,
RE: Old Fuel
that's the trouble with motorway driving in the UK, its okay if everything goes okay but if there is an accident or a major breakdown you can be stuck for 2 hours, or 6 hours, or 8 hours, with no way of getting off if you are between junctions which sod's law it usually is.
I don't go on motorways unless it is early in the morning with minimal traffic, living nearly an hours journey from the end of the only motorway does help! I usually go across country and use unclassified and minor roads, if there is a blockage I can always turn around, something you cant do on a motorway.
the further East one goes the worst the traffic gets, it took the wife one hour to do 7 miles one day just getting out of the Gosport area, people were walking past faster than the traffic was moving at times.

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