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100+ dead in London
22 September 2018, 15:57,
100+ dead in London
I just saw a news report showing more than 100 dead in London this year.

A good paragraph and then they made the mistake of allowing journalists and politicians to begin using math. Neither can count and statistics just confuse them.

It seems that 3 out of 5 of these deaths were due to stabbing. That actually makes sense if you have restricted the population to the use of stone age technology. People kill other people with whatever instruments are at hand and all these people had were kitchen knives. If those had not been available they would have used shards of glass, sharpened broomsticks, poison or my favorite, a good cast iron skillet. I have seen some grave damage done with a cast iron skillet!

The other figure they threw out was that 30% of those killed were between 16-24 years old.

Guess what people, the 16-24 age group is always in the lead for non-natural deaths. More of them die in auto accidents (check their insurance rates), work related accidents, sports mishaps and miscellaneous mishaps (otherwise known as "hold my beer and watch this!" stupidity) than any other group. Of course they also contribute the bulk of soldiers killed in combat because they do stupid @$$ things before thinking them out!

Here in the states we have some areas where the police concentrate their "crime prevention" efforts specifically at 16-30 year olds. They commit 90% of the crimes. You stop a 16-30 year old person and search their car and you will probably find all sorts of illegal substances, vehicle infraction and the car is probably stolen to start with!

Why stop and search a 50 year old? It is a waste of taxpayer money! 50 year olds only commit 1% of the crimes, the old f@rt didn't do anything, leave him alone! Besides old folks Know people, he might know someone that can cost you your job!

And what about the other 70% of those stabbing deaths in London? What age group does those? The 70% figure did not turn up due to that not being part of the effort to stop knife sales to anyone under some arbitrary age, which will then be altered when the 70% continue to murder and pillage.

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