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cyber attack
22 October 2018, 17:06,
RE: cyber attack
(22 October 2018, 16:36)LAC Wrote:
(22 October 2018, 09:16)roddas Wrote:
(22 October 2018, 08:59)LAC Wrote:
(16 October 2018, 17:18)roddas Wrote:
(16 October 2018, 16:48)Pete Grey Wrote: I think if an enemy state did make a cyber attack it would be at the infrastructure of the country, affecting power distribution or the other services ( water, sewage, gas, vehicle fuel distribution, hospitals etc)

As such if we personally have prepared for an EMP event (as part of our normal preps) which is a worst case scenario, and the possibility of internet being shut down we should use an attack to test our preps.

A cyber attack would probably not result in long term disruption maybe a month to get to a more normal situation and get things moving, but if we can’t stop it we can learn from it.

i agree with you, one of my major preps is for grid down regardless for how long, my system gets put through its paces a lot due to my location, i now have it just how i want it with enough power to last as long as is needed, i have a rather unusual battery bank that is made up of wet cell nicads that last for decades so they will out last me thats for sure, and i have a second bank of them in reserve if needed, i have enough solar and wind power to recharge the bank very quickly, even so i have sized the battery band to last 3 days minimum without any charge at all

Hi roddas

Your power set up sounds very interesting. I have a small to medium scale solar system using lead acid deep cycle batteries.

If you have time would appreciate if you could go into a bit more of the technical details, such as how you charge the wet cell nicads from the solar/wind power. Do you use a special regulator? Can you still buy wet cell nicads brand new, I thought the EU banned their sale except for replacing them on older systems?


hi LAC
there are sites online that you can still buy wet cell nicads but they are major amounts of money, a bank of ten will set you back well over a grand maybe closer to two grand, i was lucky i got my lot for free and had to re-condition them which is not hard to do, as for charging them they are very easy to use with wind and solar even though there is not really any charge controllers that will work with them, it is very simple to make a unit that works a treat and i have been running it for years without any problems at all, due to there very low internal resistance you dont need as much solar and wind as you would with lead acid as the nicads charge very fast

Thanks, that's got me thinking. Another way i've been looking into is creating a battery bank of 18650 Li-Ion batteries, and apparently there are now Li-Ion solar regulators available now.

yes ive already made a 18650 50ah at 12v unit as a portable power bank, only problem with using solar is keeping all the batteries in balance which can be a bit of a mission, i got round it by using a capacity control unit which does work

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