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EMP impervious vehicle
17 December 2018, 09:17,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
They should switch to bottles!
18 December 2018, 00:27,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
(17 December 2018, 09:17)Mortblanc Wrote: They should switch to bottles!

Plastic or glass ?. They could have used mason jars but SS has bought them all Smile.
18 December 2018, 13:15,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
I think cars will be of limited use after many types of event , perhaps a garden tractor/trailer combo would be more usefull, some run with virtually no electrics and very simple diesel engines and can be fitted/power a host of useful things , I'd certainly consider it if I lived a bit more rurally.
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
19 December 2018, 08:41,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
Just so happens that I have a garden tractor w/cart. I could not live without them. Really I couldn't! I would be neck deep in grass by the first of June each summer. I have to mow once a week from April till November.

Got a rotovator too, which I consider the most valuable SHTF motor operated gizmo I own.

Also happens that most of my rural neighbors have either garden tractors or the real thing with meter and a half tall wheels and lots of attachments to pull along behind.

As a retired person I spend most of my time here on the place except for a trip to the village for supplies once a week and a trip to town for lunch with friends now and then. I average less than 100 miles per week driving time now.

After SHTF how much would I do?

If it is real trouble the village would not be worth visiting.

Town would not rate a trip.

Everyone but me would be dead so no one to visit. OK there might be that 10% we all hear would survive but I don't like any of them anyway!

My vehicles would become big storage vessels for the fuel I use to power the garden tractor and rotovator!
19 December 2018, 10:20,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
Montblanc that sounds like a pleasant relaxed life style- I can smell the grass! Heres how I shop in the Scottish highlands-people can now imagine a quaint little corner shop with a collie sat outside,grey haired gaelic speaking old lady dispensing local produce...….nope I order it up online from Tesco! Works out cheaper than driving there which is 20m away. Ive yet to buy a house here [im in cabin] but when I do i'll know what machines I require depending on how much/type of land I have. Having arthritis a rotovator might shake my bones to dust so might go for raised beds. Hopefully i'll have lots of storage space to stash various vehicles- van/motorcycle/quadbike etc I was thinking of having lots of options whether vehicles or weapons as future events could be chaotic and beyond prediction. There are a couple of potential nuclear strike targets here so will avoid those -not something an estate agent is likely to reveal!
19 December 2018, 18:37,
RE: EMP impervious vehicle
I am near 70 with degenerative disk disease, so I have to pick a good day to work the rotovator. And after you have turned your beds that first time they are easier afterwards.

I have never been one to bring in timber, blocks or boards then buy dirt to fill them when I have perfectly good soil right there where I am walking.

My first year at this place before I bought the rotovator, I did a small plot in hay bales and learned a lot. One thing was that if you fertilized properly you can raise vegetables on tarmac!

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