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PGs camper van
13 March 2019, 15:50,
PGs camper van
Finally got round to this post as suggested by MB and here i go.

We’ve had campers for over 40 years, we are now on our 5th, we’ve always liked the freedom to take a break when ever we can.

Our current camper is a professional conversion of a peugeot boxer and comes with the usual fittings, bed, gas stove, 3 way fridge ( gas, mains electric and 12volts-when the engine is running).
There is gas heating, a shower (hot water), and a flushing toilet with a removable waste tank.
And there is storage for two gas bottles, water is from an underfloor 10 gallon tank.

When i bought the van i had it fitted with an alarm and extra rear door locks, over time i’ve fitted a battery isolating switch, locking wheel studs, we use a steering wheel lock as a visible theft deterrent.
I’ve also made up thermal screens for the windows from the foil backed insulation, the kind used behind domestic radiators.

Spares and consumables kept in it are engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, screen wash, WD40, fuel stabiliser, syphon pump, tyre weld, bulbs, fuses, cable and connectors.

As the van is used for holidays it is always kitted out with, as a minimum, food, water, bedding, clothing appropriate to the time of year. Enough to last for a couple of weeks minimum.

As it is our bug out vehicle during winter a dehumidifier is kept running to stop any damp, the water tank is drained in case it freezes, as is the water heater and the water pump, but there is a full jerrycan inside just in case.

The van is always parked up in gear, wheels chocked, no hand brake, incase the rears brakes seize up if parked up for some time.

I ensure the van is ALWAYS parked with a full tank or fuel and usually top up when i get to our destination.

That’s all i can think about the basic vehicle and the “holiday stuff”.
14 March 2019, 00:14,
RE: PGs camper van
Nice post Pete ! …...I thought you may have said about a fold out solar panel in another post ? …...I am still looking at campers btw .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
14 March 2019, 17:19,
RE: PGs camper van
(14 March 2019, 00:14)Straight Shooter Wrote: Nice post Pete ! …...I thought you may have said about a fold out solar panel in another post ? …...I am still looking at campers btw .

Yes i do have a solar panel, will post more details soon.
15 March 2019, 21:01,
RE: PGs camper van
(14 March 2019, 00:14)Straight Shooter Wrote: ......I thought you may have said about a fold out solar panel in another post ? .....

Yes i have a 100 watt folds solar panel, bought in January, not used it properly yet.

The leasure battery in the camper is in a box under the driving seat. On ebay i have seen a little panel with two cigarette lighter sockets and a double USB socket, i intend to fit one on the battery box permanently connected to battery. I will then remove the battery clips from the panel and fit a cigarette lighter plug.

I will then be able to use the panel to charge the leasure battery through one socket while drawing power from the other, either 12 volt or through an inverter.

I will also be able to charge any vehicles battery through their cigarette lighter socket.

I have second leasure battery which i will make a box for, this will also be fitted with a socket, i have 4 battery chargers 2 of which are charger/maintainers these will have cigarette lighter plugs fitted. I have just started to order the parts i need.

Standardised plug/sockets would make the system more versatile.
16 March 2019, 23:21,
RE: PGs camper van
Do you have the leisure battery tied into the charging system of the van?

At one time a couple of decades ago I had a Ford pickup rigged with a normal battery and a 200 amp/hour leisure battery on an isolater. I charged it driving to work and plugged the caravan into it when I got home.

I also had a charger under the hood and I could plug up to the power at one of the lamp poles in the parking lot at work and make sure the thing was always topped up.

I lived in that caravan for a year while building my house off grid. Only problem was that I always ran out of battery on Sunday during the auto races!
17 March 2019, 20:48,
RE: PGs camper van
Yes MB the leasure battery is tied to the van charging system, through a split charge relay. It will charge only when the engine is running, and will not draw power from the vehicle battery. Normally any reasonable journey will see us arrive at the destination with both batteries fully charged.

There is also a built in battery charger which i can switch to either battery as and when nesessary.

With the solar panel while using the camper on holiday on a commercial camp site we will not need mains electricity, and in a bug out situation we will have power for lights, walkie talkie and cb battery charging etc.

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