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PGs camper van
29 March 2019, 21:48,
RE: PGs camper van
MB it’s interesting how you managed with just a 35 Ah solar panel and a 200 Ah battery.

The setup i’ve chosen should be enough to run led lights and charge batteries for the radio, walkie talkies etc. and i can also use the inverter.

I chose the folding solar panel with built in charge controller instead of a fixed panel on the van as it can always be used at home if there is a power outage.’ve won the pint.....yes.....the van is white.....and it does strand out like a sore thumb when parked in the middle of a green field. A parked camper van or trailer caravan would be one of the first places to look for food, gas bottles or any useful gear.

If TSHTF and we are able to get to our chosen BOL the van will be well hidden behind (or inside) a barn, that is if we see the warning signs and BO early enough.

As for hiding the van, last year i bought three dark green tarps, each 5 x 4 metres, i think i need to improve on these and will look for large camo ones if we are stuck on open ground.
29 March 2019, 22:17,
RE: PGs camper van
What about some camo nets Pete ? use the green tarps as a base , I used to use nets when shooting pigeons …...a 7 shot SAVAGE pump action 12 g …..shot some but frightened the sh.t out of hundreds .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
23 April 2019, 22:40,
RE: PGs camper van
Have started checking expiration dates of the canned food in the crates, and have made sure there’s a good can opener in both.

Filled the water tank, filled toilet flush tank, flushed out waste (grey) water tank, checked engine oil, batteries, radiator, brake fluid.

The cigarette lighter socket is fitted to leisure battery box, and a male plug fitted to solar panel.

The hand syphon pumps i ordered are packed, i wanted three in the BOV, one for fuel, one for potable water and one for untreated water, to prevent any chance of contamination.

Did not say earlier, Clothing crate has for each of us, extra underwear, winter thermals, walking socks, shirts, sweaters, thick trousers, woolly hats, gloves, spare boots (already broken in) and a couple more towels.

I have not yet done anything about a camo net or tarp to hide the camper, but it’s on the list.
6 May 2019, 15:24,
RE: PGs camper van
Those use by dates will sneak up on you if you do not go through each and every can.

I got to the back of a shelf in one pantry the other day and found a can that felt funny when I shook it.

It "clanked" instead of "sloshed".

The "use by" date was 10/2012.

The use by dates can be fudged a bit, since there is no real governing body that sets them, just a manufacturers suggestion, but I figured 7 years was a bit risky.

I kept the can for a couple of days trying to decide if I should send it to the chemical warfare specialists for disposal.

It was beef stew, so I fed it to the neighbors dog, who showed no ill effects, but I was not in the same house with him that night.

He has stayed out of my garden for the past few days.
20 May 2019, 10:19,
Exclamation  RE: PGs camper van
Finally got round to actually trying out the folding solar panel, 100 watt setup, charged battery at 6-7 amps in bright sun, 2-3 amps when cloudy, should be even better later in summer with full sun.

It should be enough to keep batteries charged, ( vehicle, leisure and AA and AAA NiMH ) and occasionally run the inverter, but during winter i may need a second panel, in which case i will probably go for the same setup as backup, two is one.............

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