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PGs camper van
26 September 2019, 19:09,
RE: PGs camper van
(25 September 2019, 23:41)Pete Grey Wrote: ....................if we have to use the car the crate could be a lift saver

....................meant to say LIFE saver.
6 October 2019, 13:52,
Exclamation  RE: PGs camper van
The camper will not be used for any more holiday trips this year, so now it goes into BO mode.

The water tank has been drained, propane bottles are both full, winter sleeping bags stowed and everything has been cleaned inside. We have put an extra crate of food inside, two jerrycans, and some extra warm clothing, just in case.

We have not yet fully winterised it yet, many things to check, but fuel tank is full and the dehumidifier will keep things dry.

It’s ready to go in minutes, four to six weeks provisions on board, half an hour to fully load with all the crates if things appear to be going TU.
25 March 2020, 20:42,
RE: PGs camper van
Normally at this time of year we would be getting the camper ready to start the holiday season. However even though normal campsites are staying shut and any unnecessary travel is frowned on, we will still get the van ready for a BO if law and order breaks down to such an extent our lives are in danger.
25 March 2020, 21:47,
RE: PGs camper van
Snap ! Pete.....same here .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.

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