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We Are Borg
19 June 2019, 13:41,
RE: We Are Borg
now that you mentioned it I did take a little ride for a few miles around the back country just yesterday afternoon.

I had a stressful day in town and a ride took the edge off the nerves.

Over the past few weeks while restricted I had done a bit of work on the little scooter. put a basket on the back rack, ran a 12v accessory line to the dash and such. I also opened up the exhaust since I could see little sense in a 30cm exhaust trying to escape from a 15mm tail pipe opening.

Besides making that 50cc bad boy sound like a at least a 75cc monster it freed up the rpm range too. Yesterday I was able to cruise at 40mph on flat ground and had a top end of almost 50mph. That was with me on it and I am on the high side of 90 kilos. With a ten year old kid on it I am sure it is near light speed.

Pity that they have to choke down the little scooters to meet the speed requirements imposed by the government on mopeds.

Next modifications were contemplated on the way home down the lane. I have to put some sort of fishing pole holder on the rig. I am thinking a piece of PVC pipe for the handle to slip into for the short trip to the lake.

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