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Red-Green Watermelon Terror Plot?
2 May 2019, 23:53,
Red-Green Watermelon Terror Plot?
A friend in UK sent this link to me. I read the article and was wondering if there has
been an outbreak of St. Anthony's Fire (ergot poisoning) I didn't know about.

...Speaking beneath revolutionary red banners and posters celebrating three of the 20th century’s most prolific mass murderers — Mao, Stalin, and Lenin — Marxist McDonnell said:

“We [Labour] have brought Extinction Rebellion in to start advising us on how we tackle some of these issues. We’ve already developed our own proposals for a Green New Deal… It is about an industrial strategy that confronts the fourth industrial revolution but actually makes it green. Everything we’ve heard in recent years but more importantly everything we’ve heard in recent weeks from Extinction Rebellion is demonstrating we are running out of time.”

This is the apotheosis of a threat I warned of in my book Watermelons: the way, increasingly, a hard-left agenda aimed at destroying the capitalist system is being advanced behind a cloak of caring, fluffy, concerned environmentalism.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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