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Cast Iron cooking pans
27 October 2019, 19:03,
Cast Iron cooking pans
Been collecting cast iron pots and pans for many years , during the last two years I have invested in more items , to cover near enough what we need , I can well imagine most of us have a selection....and a good Dutch oven would probably be number one must have's .

A mate of mine made me a bakestone 10 mm boiler plate 20 years back wild child uses it most weeks ….Welsh cakes , pancakes , rock cakes and I use it for flat breads amongst other stuff .

So for years now we have talked about a garden kitchen , something roofed over and set up for cooking /baking …..although I built a oven (and used it ) years back with great results ….a dedicated area would be good to have , so maybe this coming year I will get it done .

Back to Cast Iron......what do you have ?
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1 November 2019, 16:08,
RE: Cast Iron cooking pans
Got 4 dutch ovens, the kind with the lipped lid and three stubby legs for using on the hearth. Three are 10" and one is 16".

I have lost count of the cast iron skillets around here. Most are the old ones with makers long gone, Wanger and Griswald. Big ones and little ones.

I have two cast iron stew pots that many mistakenly refer too as "dutch ovens". They aren't, they are cast iron stew pots.

I also have a round bottom pot that has legs for use over coals. Holds two or three liters.

I use my round, flat, stove top griddles a lot. I have one 8" and another 10". They are good for frying eggs and things that do not flow about and need a quick flip to cook both sides. With no lip around the top you can get in there and do your job properly.

I come from a long line of cast iron cooks. Most of my people would not have allowed a sheet metal or aluminum fry pan near their stove. Same with teflon.

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