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Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
1 December 2019, 17:32,
Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
For centuries Europeans sought out the “unicorn horn” – the long and straight tusk of the arctic-dwelling narwhal whale – for its perceived magical and curative capabilities. On Friday, the tusk did indeed wield a historic force, just not in the way the queens and kings who once collected the twisted and tapered ivory likely imagined.

Instead, as the deadly knife attack unfolded on the London Bridge, a man, described in news reports as a Polish chef, grabbed the nearest arms he could find for self-defense – a narwhal tusk – and headed to help stop the melee.

The simple, heroic act in a way embodied the ancient lore of the larger-than-life tusk. The attack began by Fishmongers’ Hall, a historic building and events space on the London Bridge replete with ornate decorations, two massive narwhal tusks included.

The assailant, 28-year-old Usman Khan, had been at the hall attending a conference when he wielded a knife and fatally stabbed two people before police shot him dead. Amid the shock and horror, it struck many as quintessentially British the way the beloved “unicorn horn” suddenly surfaced to help ward off the attacker, said British historian and journalist Guy Walters.

“There’s something very British about fighting a terrorist with something as surreal as a narwhal tusk,” he said. “We don’t carry weapons in this country. But we do have narwhal tusks around." …

(The limited lawful ownership of sporting firearms in the UK does not permit their defensive use and British subjects are not even allowed to carry knives and similarly pointed objects. Naturally, terrorists and other criminals ignore all those restrictions.)

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
1 December 2019, 19:55,
RE: Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
Adapt and survive at all costs springs to mind !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
4 December 2019, 10:10,
RE: Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
At least the British pluck is still active in some places although we should note that one was Polish and another was a murderer on early release. If this wasn't so high profile they would be looking at putting him back for breaking his license and hurting one of the protected class.

It is acts like this that show that we are not all namby pamby girly boys and that we will not cower and wait for plod to fill out their health and safety forms, don their amour and then tool up with weapons we are not allowed. I'd like to think I would have joined in but hopefully we will never know.

One interesting thing was that plod shot him. Sure there were lots of panby pambys whining about it on twatter but I see it as change for the better.
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
4 December 2019, 15:14,
RE: Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
The bastard was wearing a suicide vest, fake, but if it was real he could have detonated it, even if he was being restrained.

Shooting to kill is the only way to stop it, wounding would not work.

Two shots to the head is the best way to ensure he could not. I believe that is what the police are TRAINED to do.

Remember Jean Charles de Menezes, in 2005 two weeks after the London bombings, he was shot several times in the head, as police believed he was carrying a bomb.
8 December 2019, 16:22,
RE: Narwal tusk successfully used on London Bridge
should have used a lump hammer on the bastards head.
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.

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