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The Chinese Motorcycle
25 April 2020, 20:35,
RE: The Chinese Motorcycle
When bugged in here we amuse ourselves by shooting small .22 and .32 pistols and revolvers in the cellar, then emptying the lead out of the bullet trap, melting it down to cast more bullets to reload the empty cases and shoot again in a few weeks. An environmentally friendly, if not politically correct "closed loop recycling system" which keeps all that nasty toxic lead out of the landfill!

I found a use for the cardboard shipping tubes which the eau di vit of my ancestors from the Outer Hebrides comes packaged in. Fillling the tube with shredded junk mail and water, letting the paper become saturated and the cardboard tube slightly soft, it is the ideal "simulated small farm varmint" for testing the effectiveness of your small-caliber garden vegetable protector. As MB knows, flat-nosed home-cast bullets are much more destructive than the round-nosed factory assembled ones. Young groundhogs at this time of year boned out and treated like weiner schnitzel with a green watercress salad, "ramps" and fried potatoes with cool lager is a springtime tradition in Appalachia.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
3 May 2020, 00:42,
RE: The Chinese Motorcycle
I do much the same except off the back porch into the bullet trap at 20m.

Most of that is pellet rifle but some is .22 and .38.

Those pure lead pellets make dandy shotgun slugs.

I shoot the pellet pistols and the .177 down the hall into a bullet trap that hands on the end wall of the house during winter boredom.

The temps hit 80f today and I could not stand being in lock-down for another minute so I went for another little ride. A little windy but not too bad. As soon as we are out of the frost at night trend I am getting the big bike out and going for a real trip. I'll bet I can ride across the U.S. and never get within 6 feet of anyone.

How do they handle that on the Continent? 2 meters? How confused are the little Brits that have been raised metric and isolated Imperial?

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