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The Chinese Motorcycle
17 September 2020, 22:30,
RE: The Chinese Motorcycle
The Chinese motorcycle is parked in the shed for a bit.

The battery is kaput!

I have a new one on order, should be here in a week. It is still ridable, since it does have a kick start feature, but WTH! I'm 70 and that particular operation is not appealing at the moment.

I did kick start it that last trip before I parked it temporarily. So I am considering it ridable in a SHTF situation. Probably better for a 17 year old to be stomping that pedal though.

Which brings up the thought, every problem I have had with this bike has been due to the electrics. You would think it was a British car from the 1960s!

All in all, I much prefer my Chinese scooter to the Chinese motorcycle. Rides better, handles better, has better cargo capacity and runs just as fast.

Yes, regret to say that the way the motorbike is geared and set up the 50cc scooter is just as fast overall after I "tweaked" it substantially. Yes, one can derestrict a 50cc and get top speed of 45/50mph on the flat. Increased acceleration also.

If I had it to do over I would probably select a 150cc full size scooter over the motorbike. The scooters you guys get as 125cc are offered as 150cc over here since we do not have graduated licensing. Every license is a "full license". A 150 will run 55-65mph without mods.

Then for an additional $50 you can replace the jug/piston and take them to 175cc. $25 will get you a decent increased performance aftermarket scooter carb that one can adjust and re-jet properly. So for less than what you guys would call 75 pounds you can double the HP, torque and revs.

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