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China Virus Threat 2020
15 February 2020, 15:24,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
I saw on the news feed that three of your four confirmed virus patients had been released from hospital, leaving you only one infected party nationwide.

And no, I have not changed my investment strategy.

Did anyone realize that the U.S. had more than 30,000 confirmed deaths due to the normal flu strains between October and Feb this year?

In the UK you have had 600 people hospitalized and eight confirmed deaths due to the normal strains of flu.

I see one death in France due to corona.

They have lost more than 1,100 to normal flu this year.

Where is the panic over that?

When is everyone going to realize that the researchers simply missed one of the strong strains of flu in their annual quest for the right virus to kill last year and failed to include it in the normal "flu jab", as you guys call it. In fact, it appears that there are other stronger strains killing people by the thousands and not getting any publicity at all!

A couple of years ago you had more confirmed cases of Ebola without panic, and that was something to worry about!
15 February 2020, 18:04,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
Yes Pete I hold some metals ...just in case , and NO MB there is no panic so much for this virus but more worry as regards the financial implications and disruption in supply of goods , bulk carriers of food stuffs I tried to intermate in my previous post ! as you will be aware I have been voicing my concerns for YEARS ….you could argue (well nothing has happened yet and everything is fine ) and what is the point of even giving it any serious thought or time ? you could even be right after all , I may well just sit and wait for spring with you …..but I doubt it !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
15 February 2020, 21:15,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
Over the last five years deaths due to flu AVERAGE 17,000 EACH year.

In today’s “The Times” it says the government is working on the assumption that if China fails to contain the virus soon, within months it could infect HALF the the population with hundreds of thousands of deaths, and hospital intensive care units having to prioritise patients (so hard luck on us oldies).

However only between 1 and 4% would need hospitalisation, most people will get better at home with OTC medication. We shall see.
16 February 2020, 16:31,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
I believe that as TPTB get closer to working out the travel restrictions that would have been associated with the Brixit there will be less and less danger and fewer cases reported.

The same for funds transfers and exchanges between the EU and GB.

You did note that all of this threat of travel restriction and the wobbling of the economic situation occurred within hours of the official break?
17 February 2020, 12:09,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
There are to many things balancing on a knife edge that could bring things crashing down and not restricted to any one country ,everything is linked in some shape or form ! I am amazed the system has stayed up for so long ,the stock markets are still raising yet production is down ? How can that be ? The so called Big companies are borrowing big money for almost nothing and using this to buy their own stock keeping the stock price artificially high .....this will go wrong eventually no amounts of QE will last forever , meanwhile the end results Will be catastrophic for the likes of us.......they will come for our money in the form of a Bail In , in the final option ! .

This virus looks just like a means to a end , the fall guy for all our woes ...something to focus our attention on and level blame at ! It will work it’s way around the globe before it’s done , we can expect a hike in food prices along with food shortages .

Start growing you,r own food people ! Take control !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
18 February 2020, 01:05,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
Businesses are already complaining about difficulties in the supply chain, due to the extended Chinese new year shut down and workers being quarantined, so we can first expect shortages in the shops then prices will shoot up.
23 February 2020, 18:56,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
Dont worry - its only the flu.

Any of you changing your mind yet?

In a normal flu situation, you don't get 10% of the worlds population on lockdown
In a normal situation, young doctors don't just die suddenly.

The surges in SKorea, Japan, Iran and Italy point to a pandemic.

I don't think this is TPTB at work to stop us travelling.

Whilst it is true that total deaths are less than flu, the percentages are high.
Normal flu has death rate of 0.025 percent. COVID-19 is at least 2.3 percent and possibly higher. Its difficult to get accurate figures from Iran.

My own takeaway - Im prepping for 1-3 months isolation

Tally Ho
23 February 2020, 22:13,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
I do not think the Chinese would have locked down so hard as they have and risk their economy and exports worldwide , they supply a wide range of goods of a electronic nature let alone vehicles ....lots of vehicles , this sort of shutdown will be devastating and long lasting even if they are celebrating their new year , any stockpile will soon be exhausted in turn the companies they supply will struggle to forfill their orders.

This could easily spiral out of control, just in time stock levels would be wiped out in hours if enough sheeple realise everything will unavailable all they need is a sniff of fear .....tptb do not want all out panic ...they could never control mass panic even if they used ALL the police,army,Air Force,and the navy combined , so they would do everything to keep the calm ......72 hours is a normal supply for super markets , just imagine the rush to buy food ...for the people that could afford to buy ? What about the ones that could not afford to (buy) . This virus or the Fear of it is running into many countries ......that of itself is enough to perpetuate even more fear and disruption of economies, deliveries , production of day to day stuff , to say its only flu could well be right BUT just look at the results thus far ? It’s much much more ! The true results will roll out in time we will see first hand , I am planning for three to six months .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
24 February 2020, 22:42,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
RS >> SS

Yup !!
24 February 2020, 23:25,
RE: China Virus Threat 2020
looks like isolation will be increased to (40 days) .....some who retested at three weeks are now Still positive , armed patrols at road blocks in Italian county boarders can not be that far off reaching the UK , l really can not see our NHS copping it’s already stretched to the limits , not withstanding all public movements will be restricted if it gets a grip over here ! prepared to lock down.....ensure you have enough of everything to sustain you and yours , if you have any shortfalls best you sort it right now ! .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.

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