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Runner Beans
12 August 2020, 20:20,
Runner Beans
I was having a bit of a problem with my runner beans this summer. The heat has caused them to bolt and become quite hard, long and tough. Listening to my neighbours, this seems to be widespread. I have found a solution, quite by accident.
Growing annoyed with not being able to find any beans worth eating I stripped the lot. And lo, new flowers have appeared from nowhere and little beans are beginning to form. I reckon if I can keep a good supply of water to the roots I might be able to keep them producing until October (the normal time we lose the supply). Runner beans seem to have a requirement for cooler conditions than haricot beans, so next year I shall try and plant them in a shadier spot. It has been a good year for bees though so most flowers have developed into little beanlets.
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12 August 2020, 22:34,
RE: Runner Beans
No problems here Mary ! As soon as they reach about 8 to 10 inches wild child pounces with here wicker basket then cuts them up bags up and into the freezer / pot they go.....bacon fat tipped over the beans , black pepper mill and a knob of butter at the ready ......try mulching up Mary they love water.

Sown some Nantes carrots and Pak Choy , spuds going in tomorrow .....oh and the damsons will be ready to harvest by this weekend , jam and wine me thinks .....and gin !
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14 August 2020, 13:31,
RE: Runner Beans
Many thanks for this tip, Mary. My own runner beans were all right, as this year I had to grow them in pots with trellis towers right next to the house, and I harvested them all very young. However, I did have exactly this problem with my climbing French beans ('Cobra') and wish I'd known this solution a couple of weeks ago! They are now resting peacefully in the bowels of the compost heap...
Never mind. I'll know what to do if this ever happens again, so thank you very much for passing this on.

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