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Vaccination - Yes or No
17 September 2020, 19:24,
RE: Vaccination - Yes or No
I'm with MB 100%. I will be 72 in October. So far have avoided heart attack, but I take oral meds to keep the BP in check and a weekly Trulicity jab for the Type 2, which is well controlled. I walk my dirt road out to the mailbox at the state maintained road and back to the house daily, a 3km round trip, work in the yard, avoid crowds and don't go into town unless absolutely necessary. I can hunt and fish within walking distance of home and shoot pistols at steel targets in the yard. No neighbors near enough to complain about the sounds of freedom.

My flight instructor in primary at NAS Pensacola told me in 1970, "never fly the A model of anything, if at all possible." So I will probably continue to self-isolate and maintain precautions until the effectiveness and safety of the new COVID jab is established. I expect by that time it will be combined into the annual influenza cocktail and it will be no big deal. Ordinary soap and warm water seems to be effective in washing my N95 masks and with repeated washing they become softer in texture and less itchy! I have taken to wearing an N95 when shooting my revolvers, as in testing one experimentally it tested positive for lead residue afterwards. Better on the mask than in my lungs, so it is proven multi-purpose as PPE!

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
17 September 2020, 21:15,
RE: Vaccination - Yes or No
Hey Charles i’m coming 77 and am also on BP meds, no other problems except for the usual aches and pains due to age. Most mornings we’re out walking for an hour and a half, then after a light lunch if not shopping we’re in the garden tidying up and doing basic maintenance about the house or the vehicles.

For a couple of oldies we are quite healthy and intend to stay that way, we too avoid crowds, shop mainly by email but occasionally we have to visit local small shops, NEVER the supermarket. We are not now self isolating but are extra careful.

We have N95/FFP3 masks not the so called surgical ones, after we use them the are left (hung up in the porch) for any trace of virus to disappear, we have plenty.

As for the vaccine we’re not rushing to get it, we believe in the normal flu jab and have it every year, we are prepared to wait until the covid jab is fully tested and proved to be safe. I agree about the A model Smile

We prep....Just in case
18 September 2020, 00:09,
RE: Vaccination - Yes or No
At this point, 6 months into the "pandemic", I have my first personal acquaintance fall victim to Covid.

Not a death, just a positive case, two in fact, the friend and his son. They live together and the son works at a major hospital. The boy brought it home from work.

To me that makes it all the more surprising since it has taken 6 months for someone that is exposed daily to fall ill to a "pandemic" disease!

They are both presently in the "recovery" stages. Fever is gone but still coughing and sore, dead tired and sleeping constantly.

At any rate, the old geezer has damaged heart valves, high BP, a damaged liver and is working with 1/2 of one kidney and he seems to have come through it.

With the "second wave", which here is simply the continuation of the first wave on a steady upward curve, I am back into pretty close self isolation.

Avoiding the shops, avoiding nonessential trips for grocery and wearing my mask.

The mask is a point of irritation with me. I don't mind wearing them and do feel they are a wise preventive measure and their use is "mandatory" in my state. So why is half the population not wearing them and half the ones that are wear them under their chin?

The mask is not as effective at keeping things out as it is keeping them in. So while I am trying to protect the other guy, the other guy does not give a crap if he kills me! Makes me want to slap the $h!& out of the dumb-ar$e$.

That is a condition I deal with more and more each day. The slapping part I mean.
18 September 2020, 13:14,
RE: Vaccination - Yes or No
Yes I see that here to MB ....and I would like to slap them about also think this lot will take over the baton ? God help us all.
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.

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