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Xiegu G1M Longer range coms on a budget
21 December 2020, 14:17,
RE: Xiegu G1M Longer range coms on a budget
(16 December 2020, 22:33)Skean Dhude Wrote: Don't forget local comms. We can communicate with locals when the phones are dead as well as listen globally and locally.

Indeed yes SD, The receivers on these radios are astounding, permitting good reception of signals not just line of sight but also from Near-Vertical reflection of HF from the Ionosphere which gives continuous receive capability pretty much from your back door out to 500 mils or so.

Again 3.5 Mhz by night and 7Mhz by day for the Near vertical reflections.... You need a horizontal antenna wire to pick these up. Even something strung along the top of a fence will do.
72 de



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