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First aid hollywood style
1 April 2021, 06:58,
RE: First aid hollywood style
Yes we do MB ! .....I got hooked when I did some work In the USA years ago .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
1 April 2021, 19:35,
RE: First aid hollywood style
(31 March 2021, 21:34)Mortblanc Wrote: That gunpowder going of in that area might induce a huge fart that would act as a booster rocket!!!

A man could go far with the proper self medication.

I bet it made his eyes water Smile .

We prep....Just in case
1 April 2021, 20:37,
RE: First aid hollywood style
I'm sure it did!

I once had to write up an accident report when I was teaching at the Military academy back in my younger years. I was nominally in charge of a dormitory filled with 40 teen age cadets.

One weekend they got bored after the cafeteria had served a seemingly gaseous menu. The unanimous decision was to entertain themselves with a "fart lighting contest" that was held in the day room. This was done in the darkness to heighten the effect.

That was back in the days of polyester clothing and that stuff melts at a very low temp. One very talented lad from Venezuela managed to sustain his flames until his trousers melted.

The melted polyester singed a circle around the area set alight and treatment was sought for the panicked and howling contestant.

I came out of my apartment to find what the commotion was about and discovered the young man in the latrine, sitting in a sink full of water. He was not thrilled with the instructions to "go see the nurse" in the on sight infirmary (she was about 70 and not know for tolerating foolishness), but he did when the other boys warned him that his sperm count might be in jeopardy.

A copy of my official investigation and the report was filed and a copy circulated among the faculty, then finally enshrined in a glass case with equal works of its type that covered over 100 years of the Academy's history.

It was right up there with the incident of a boy breaking his arm falling out of a tree after setting fire to said tree while smoking canibus

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