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Kick starting the World.
16 February 2021, 00:15,
RE: Kick starting the World.
As far as growing crops go I know Jack, yes I could pop in a few potatoes or the odd veg but I would struggle with large scale production. On the other hand there is going to be a lot of spare fields left but large scale crop production is a major failing for me.
16 February 2021, 09:39,
RE: Kick starting the World.
forget large scale crop production Joe, without fuel we wont be ploughing acres and acres, think more allotment type situation, growing and producing enough for you and yours, thats probably as much as we can hope for for a few years after TSHTF.
16 February 2021, 14:24,
RE: Kick starting the World.
there is a piece on the SUK files site about Subsistence Growing under farming and Gardening, but given previous replies I doubt you'll bother to read it.

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