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23 February 2021, 14:12,
RE: Tyres
I'm with MB on this. Best preparedness is to sit tight in a well chosen location.

But we still run separate summer and winter tyres the cars; even on the LR.

For the LR its AT3s April to October and Cooper Discover November to March.

For the cars its generally whatever reasonable quality tires are available in summer, and this year we've discovered budget Barum tyres to outperform the Michelin's that we've historically used for snow and ice.
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23 February 2021, 22:39,
RE: Tyres
We did have BFgoodrich all weather tyres on the car (one had a sidewall cut so replaced both fronts), but now we are using Barums. They have not let us down, reasonable on wet muddy grass if you’re careful and also on snow, but we also keep a pair of grip mats in each vehicle. The camper runs on special Michelin’s.

We prep....Just in case

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