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Full Version: America, richest nation on earth, coming soon to a UK city near you
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Hmmm How long before this damned EU crisis ends up with the ultra rich socialists, bankers, financiers and tories grumbling because tent cities start going up where they live.

The end of our system cannot be far off now
We are within a decade of such a thing here in the UK.
we already have homeless people in this country, and they have been around for a long time, but the sheeple dont notice and dont care about such people, until of course it happens to them!!
The problem now of course both in the US and UK is the homeless in general are no longer duggies, slcs, bums and the mentally ill. In many cases they are unfortunate families who lose everything and then find out the council has a 17 year waiting list for a council house.
Sadly unlucky and naeive people who thought wrongly the state in return for taxing them to death would look after them in their hour of need.
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The problem now of course both in the US and UK is the homeless in general are no longer duggies, slcs, bums and the mentally ill. In many cases they are unfortunate families who lose everything and then find out the council has a 17 year waiting list for a council house.

unless you'r an immigrant family with 12 kids that is, then you go to the top of the listTongue if your white, English, born and bred here, then you got no chance.Big Grin

unless of course you are an immigrant family with 12 children, then you go to the top of the housing list, if your white & English born and bred then you've got no chance!!
I think the goverment here is trying to put off whats happened in the u.s. whether theyll be successfull who knows, maybe by some fluke they can pull it off but I doubt it. Not from a government that thinks its ok to have such a low minimum wage. Like I said in previous posts, at times me and the wife were working in decent jobs and we had to scrimp and scrape for things sometimes down to pennies seriously. then theres the employers thatd rather employ foreiners at half the wage rate so they save money and amazingly I bet half of them arent legal as well.
The world unfortunatly is in shit state order, sliding inexorably towards its doom, with the sheeple clapping and whistling watching big brother, corrie and emmerdale pissed up shoving take away down its neck. Preppers have noticed the slide and are trying to claw their way off the slippery slope to firm ground. Its a real shame when children suffer, but I heard one kid in the video say their mommy's cant feed them buts having another baby!!! WTF!!! I'd cut my own legs off to feed my kids. They did the same in africa "were starving" stop having fuc*ing kids then if you cant feed yourself. Thats America the richest nation possibly in the world... well maybe not now... watch greece folks thats the one to watch for the anarchy that'll happen here soon...
When I was little we lived in the fens of lincolnshire, late 70's early 80's. my dad was often out of work and therefore food was scarce, I never noticed or remembered until recently how my mam had often times not eaten herself to feed me and my dad. he walked miles and miles a day trying to find work, if I didnt have enough food, every cat and dog in the neighbour hood would be gone to feed my kids. I'd shoplift till my kids wernt hungry. The video above is an example of what some call a conspiracy theory... I.E. make the sheeple need the government, let them starve and the government rides to the rescue, theyd sell there souls to obama for food im sure BEFORE theyd get up and forage and help themselves.
well Mike, there's plenty of people in this country who complain all the time but keep on having kids,i saw one family in the market this morning with 5 kids in tow, and there's others with 6,7,8 or more, there was some layabout in the paper a few weeks ago had just fathered his 15th child with mother number 14, and he was only in his mid 20's! i think its about time they stopped paying people to breed on welfare, they should pay them a set amount and say thats it! if you have more kids-thats your decision but we wont give you any more benefit just cos you've had another kid! i mean if you'r working you dont get any more just cos your OH has had another child so why should you get more just cos your on benefit?
It is the welfare state and its asociated mentality that has buggered up Europe and is now blighting the US. Apart from pensions they should slash all other benefits and only pay them for a limited period..
thats what they do in America, welfare is only available for a set period, once passed they dont get any more, i think this is what has caused the problem which is top of the thread.
I know as a single mum I spent time on benefits but I work now, 24 hours a week on minimum wage I pay full rent and council tax , I do get family tax credits which pays my rent n c /tax and leaves me with £19 week out of that I''l be bolloxed if I'm gona work full time just so I can pay it all in rent, long story short I'm £29 a week better off working, if I had to pay fares to work I'd be worse off then when on dole, not that I turn my heating on coz of food stores but in truth I couldn't afford it, I almost wish I lived in tent city and I wish some one would give me £26.000 a year for sitting on my arse!
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