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Full Version: Military strike may fail to stop Iran’s N-program: John Bolton
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US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also has recently said there is a strong possibility that Israel will launch an attack on Iran in April, May, or June 2012.
That gives me 3 more pay cheques to get ready!
it could all be a distraction from other things though maybe, so much to keep your
eyes on nowadays.
Both the West and East are deceptive. A belligerant attitude from both sides. We do not know exactly what is going on. I think that if it continues either one or the other will take action. This could be catastrophic and the Third World War, that many people have predicted will happen. Make sure you have as much preperations as possible for this possibility. Kenneth Eames.
Well said Kenneth, " a belligerant attitude on both sides" thats not good, time for us all to up the ante.